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    2011 GS Alignment Issue/Question

    I bought the car in April, and the selling dealer installed new Michelin Super Sports on it. I drove it from Dallas, TX to Northwest Illinois, so I put some 1100 miles on it. I've put another four or five hundred miles on it since I bought it. After reading all the horror stories of worn...
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    Question: Racetronix Fuel Pump Kit

    When my fuel pump died on the way to Bloomington last week, I discovered that Racetronix makes a very nice kit that includes a 190L/Hr pump and various small parts that make the fuel pump installation much easier. However, there are no written instructions with the kit - which isn't a problem...
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    How To: C4 ZF6 Shift Knob Removal

    The rubber coating on my '95's console is showing significant wear, and I also have a new leather boot, knob, and insert. I've been reading tales of the difficulty of removing the lockpin, and I'd been putting off this project for some time. Well, I had some time this afternoon, and thought...
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    Gas Door Emblem Install

    My '95 is black, and the stock gas door and hood emblems seem to just fade into the background. They are also not pristine, so I decided to replace them with the the chrome units from the 1993 Ruby edition. Here's the state of the old emblem: I removed the door from the car (six T10...
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    Passive Keyless Entry problem (95 coupe, 6 spd)

    Here's one that has me scratching my head ... History: 0. I don't use the remotes. They are left in the house, although I never disabled the PKE system. During all this time, the PKE light has come on (at start up) to indicate that the system is active, just as the owner's manual and service...
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    Progress on my Corvette Cave

    I got a bit more done (I'm ALMOST finished!). Got my clock hung, toolbox in, and put up this neat 10' poster that I saw a long time ago. The clock ... My parents gave that to me a long time back, and I'm glad I was able to move it from the house to the garage. Toolbox is where it...
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    Corvette Cave - Artwork Added!

    In a previous thread, I detailed the construction of my Corvette Cave, which has taken nearly two years from prep work to finishing interior walls. http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=106081 I have begun adding artwork to finish off the garage and make it look the way...
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    My Corvette Cave (Lots of Pics!)

    History ... When we bought our house, it came equipped with an OLD garage that I suspect might have been built in the 1920's or earlier. Anyway, it was in very poor condition, such that we had to tear it down in 2001 ... There was a big empty spot where the garage used to be, and all I did...
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    Flashing SYS Light

    '95 coupe six speed LT1 stock Here are the relevant details ... Thursday evening, when I started the Vette to move it back into the garage, I noticed that it turned over just a bit reluctantly. Not enough to keep it from starting, but just on the edge of my consciousness. Yesterday morning...
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    C4 Coupes vs C4 Convertibles - A question

    I have a coupe. I know lots of people that have coupes. One of the things that coupe owners talk about is the way our coupes feel when we take the targa top out - the descriptions range from mild symptoms of less than stellar chassis rigidity to tales of feeling like the center of the frame was...
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    2007 Bloomington Gold Special License Plates!

    Got my BG special plates today - here's what they look like this year (last year they were red) ... Steven
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    93 - 96 Valve Cover Options

    Good Afternoon - Anybody have a link or experience with obtaining aftermarket vavle covers for a 93 - 96 LT1? With the stock fuel rail covers and black composite valve covers, the LT1 engine compartment just looks a bit lackluster to me. I've looked at JEGS' LT1 section, and they show...
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    2006 Bloomington Gold Winners Announced!

    You can see all of them at the following link ... http://www.bloomingtongold.com/?link=goldcert The following are the C4 entrants and award levels... Award Year Owner Silver 1984 Ralph G. (Jerry) Johnson Gold 1984 Don Oliverio Gold 1986 Dave Brown Gold 1986 Keith Busse Gold 1986 Gregory...
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    2006 Bloomington Gold Plates

    I got my Bloomington Gold plates over the weekend, and installed them yesterday. Can't wait for the show in June! Steven
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    2006 Bloomington Gold

    I'm considering entering my 95 Coupe in the Gold Certification judging at this year's show. Before I make this committment, I have some questions for the C4 Community. 1. Do any of you have Certification on your C4? 2. If you do, what were the main things you did to get your car ready for...
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    Done Deal!

    After much negotiation, and a long test drive this afternoon, I concluded a deal with my local Dealer, and bought a blk/blk 95 Coupe. Thanks for all your replies to the thread I started to discuss this car. I am so very glad to have a Corvette gracing my driveway! Thanks for all your...
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    Value of 95 Coupe

    I'm looking at a 95 blk/blk coupe at the local Chevy dealership. 48,300 miles 6 speed 1SB package New Michelin Pilots No other significant options on RPO sticker The good - No rock chips (one spot touched up) No curb rash on original sawblades Clear top has crazing (expected), but no...
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    These Prices are Crazy!!!

    I happened to be browsing Vettehound.com, and came across the following: Out of 37 63-67 Vettes for sale, three have these prices: 63 Convertible for $12,000 64 Couple for $12,400 66 Convertible for $8,200 Now, I know there are some reasons that Mid Years would have less than stellar...
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    A/C, Seat, and TC/ABS Warning Lights

    I'll be looking at a 93 Coupe this weekend. The current owner has informed me that the car has the following problems: 1. A/C does not work. I'm assuming that there is probably a leak, and all the R12 is gone. Thus, a retrofit is required. Does $200 - $500 seem like a reasonable budget range...
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    What is this 86 Worth??

    I'm looking at an 86 C4 coupe with just under 20,000 miles. Everything looks very good, including the Carfax report. It includes most options, except for the glass top and power passenger seat. I would appreciate some ball park estimates or ranges for a reasonable price for this car. Shoot...
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