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    Manual window rebuild video

    Thank you Tom! I will see what I can find on YouTube.
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    Manual window rebuild video

    I have a 77 that has manual window control. It has become extremely hard to roll up and down the windows. Does anyone have a video of how to lubricate or replace all of the parts to get the windows working again. Thank you!
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    Question: C3 4-speed transmission leak

    I have77 with a 4-speed transmission. I took the car to a Corvette mechanic in Orlandoand paid them to take care of oil and transmission leaks. I returned the cartwice because it still leaked. I was later informed by the owner that all C3sleak and can’t be fixed. I was also told to “just keep...
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    Lights flashing

    Voltage regulator? Driving home last night the headlights and dash lights started flashing. Voltage regulator problem or alternator? Any ideas? Thanks
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    77 sometimes idles high

    My car idled high sometimes. I drove it 2 miles and it idled around 1300 RPM at every stop. 30 minutes later it idled fine. Edlebrock carb.
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    C3 Windshield Replacement

    Need to replace the windshield in my 77. I'm in the Orlando, Florida area. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
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    Question: C3 (77) Door/Window Mechanism Rebuild

    Can anyone direct me to where I can find some very good and detailed directions on the steps to take to rebuild the window and internal door hardware, to include the door handle? I have a 77 that needs some window adjustments, door handle and lock (inside and out) adjustments. Many thanks.
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    Question: Horn Help

    I purchased this 1977 Corvette a year ago with most of my time and money spent on rebuilding the front end and rear end. When I purchased the car the horn was not working and I found that the pieces required to make the connection and sound the horn were missing. No big deal at the time. I...
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    Question: Engine Compartment/Passenger Compartment (HEAT)

    1977 Corvette. I have found that heat from the engine compartment is passing into the passenger compartment. I took the passenger door off to adjust some poorly installed shims and found when looking inside the front fender I could see a space between the firewall and the fender. I'm sure this...
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    Heater core bypass

    1977 Corvette without factory air.... I am looking for a bypass valve and soul like to know the size I need to purchase. I am not in town so I don't have access to the car and while away I woul like to purchase the right size valve. I see options for 1/2". 3/4" and 5/8" hose connections. Can...
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    1977 Air conditioning

    I have a 1977 Corvette with no factory air conditioning. I checked with Vintage Air and found they don't have a package specifically for my car. I understand one of they're universal packages will work but not sure which one. Anyone have experience finding exactly what to order? Thanks!
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    77 fuel lines

    On a 1977 Vette I recently purchased I have found the return line from the gas tank to be capped off where it ends attached to the frame near the fuel pump. Can anyone tell me what I am missing and where I can buy what I need to take care of this issue? I believe it should terminate in a vapor...
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    Question: Right Rear Brake Light and Hazard Warning not working

    I recently purchased a 77 Corvette and the rear brake lights were not working. I found the brake switch at the pedal to be defective so I replaced it and now the left side works fine. I replaced all 4 connectors on the rear and installed new bulbs and still the right brake light and hazard...
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