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    Help with clipping a/c compressor connector to correct location/bracket LT5 ZR-1

    Finishing the refurbish of my low mileage 90 ZR-1. I have the secondary installed. The A/C compressor is plugged up correctly and the connectors is in the right place from multiple photos, including my own pre-dissaembly photos . Problem is, the compressor connector has a place for it to slide...
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    Need absolute final word on part # 1995 ABS EBTCM Pump

    1995 Factory service manual is wrong - shows old design (pre-94), 1996 manual correct. Some GM dealers swear the 1995 is a stand alone pump as is the 96 pump. I know the LT5 (mine is LT1) is completely different. How can I get final word on correct part number for ABS pump for 1995? I have a...
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    96 AC Light Flashing code 02 Temp Blend Door Malfunction

    Replaced the blend door actuator on my 96. Light was flashing and it was stuck on hot. Now I have MAX COLD and MAX HOT, sometimes in between works but the a/c light flashes a code 02 - temp blend malfuntion. Bought another actuator - same exact problem. Unhooked battery several times to reset...
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    WTB 89 A/C C68 Programmer

    Need a/c programmer ...1989 with electric climate control corvette95@charter.net
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    WTB: mounting bolts from 88 or later L98 engine accessory brackets + torx bolts

    I am putting together a completely rebuilt L98 and need all the bolts that hold the engine brackets to the engine...including water pump,smog,a.i.r (need all the a.i.r. solenoids and snorkel) a/c bracket bolts,water pump bolts, etc. also need the egr heat tube and sensor. Also any torx bolts...
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    WTB 1989 Compressor Bracket/Power Steering Bracket + vac lines

    WTB 1989 Compressor Bracket/Power Steering Bracket + vacuum lines (EGR and ac vacuum lines). corvette95@charter.net
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    Will an EGR block off plate cause a check engine light?

    Will an EGR block off plate cause a Check Engine Light? I am having trouble finding replacement egr lines, might go with rubber but thought I would just block off the egr for a couple of months until I find the correct stuff!
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    For those who have TRIED get zr1 windshield reproduced...

    As you may or may not know, I am actively trying to get us some new windshields like others have tried. I would like anyone that has put effort into this to please email me with any info you can about : Who did you contact ? Which companies did you contact? Did you submit technical drawings and...
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    WTB - 91 to 95 front bumper factory white paint

    looking for good ,need not be perfect ,91 to 95 FACTORY (not repainted) front bumper / bumper cover.email corvette95@charter.net if you can help.
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