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    2005 starter problem?

    Just got my car back from the dealer after considerable work on the belts, front cover and oil pan. One day later it won't start. Tried jumper cables and it turned over after about 20 tries. Lots of clicks until it started. Is this the starter? How can I be sure? ;help
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    Oil Leak

    Freaking out. Just pulled my 05 daily driver out of the garage and there is a sizable puddle of oil on the floor! My wife casually mentioned it was there the day before as well. 66k miles and now I am sweating. Any guesses as to what it is? Rear main seal?
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    Brake Pads

    Is there any way to get aftermarket brake pads quickly? Do any of the national parts stores carry Hawk or Akebono or a performance brand like them? I have an appt. to get my brakes done on Wed and just found out my dealer wants $400 just for the parts. Appears to be double the price of...
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    Badly pitted polished wheels

    I have a 2005 Z51 with the polished wheels. It is my daily driver with 58k miles so far. The wheels are pitted in all of the corners. How can I polish them clean? I need new brake pads, what is everyone using to diminish the dust? Mike
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    Seat Belt Warning Light

    My seat belt warning light has started coming on, even when I am belted in. Any thoughts on what it could be?
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    Question: Several questions

    My front blinker on my 05 went out, is this difficult to fix yourself? I took my ride in to the dealer last year for the sqeaking top because I heard there was a TSB and they charged me for their work? Several months later and it squeaks again! I originally got the 6 disc changer, can I...
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    Transmission Problem 2005

    Wondering if anyone has had a similar problem. I will push in the clutch and attempt to shift and I can feel that the lever is very heavy, like I am rowing in glue. When it is like this, generally for 5-10 minutes only, I can shift into any gear but 2nd. If I try 2nd, there is something in the...
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    WTB 2001 Torch Red 6 speed

    Any help would be appreciated, looking for 2001 Torch red Coupe Black interior 6 speed Less than 50,000 miles Sport seats
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    Motor Trend

    I haven't seen any threads on this so I will assume that I am not re-hashing old ground. I picked up the new MT last night and the C6 Vert was on the cover. It touted that they finally got to drive the new vette and all the details were inside. While I was happy to read that they loved the car...
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    Early C5's

    I am finally gonna get the chance to own a C5 now that the prices are starting to fall. I have seen some low mileage 97 and 98 models but am fearful of buying into the early years. I have spent most of my time in CAC in the C6 forum and keep hearing about the problems associated with the 97...
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