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  1. Hutch

    2013 NCM Calendar - Please Vote!

    Please vote for my wife and best buddy Patti's '96 Grand Sport Convertible for the upcoming 2013 NCM Insurance Agency Calendar. She would be soooo thrilled to have her car featured. She doesn't even know I submitted her car. Click here to Vote on Facebook or directly at http://bit.ly/UBu8j9...
  2. Hutch

    Grand Sport 2010 MY: Return of the Grand Sport

    What Mo said. Whatever, it certainly won't diminish the value or enjoyment factor of our '96 Grand Sports, which themselves are just wonderful tributes to the original. If this helps keep Corvette as a viable brand, knock themselves out. It's all good. :thumb
  3. Hutch

    New GSR Mailing List

    Just wanted to let all Grand Sport and LT4 enthusiasts know that the Grand Sport Registry has a *new* email discussion list up and running which is open to all. This new list has *loads* more functionality and user options than the old ListBot service (which is shutting down), doesn't jam a lot...
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