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  1. 3rd Chance

    Replacement Roof Success!!!

    :):):)I just picked up my '05 DSOM from the body shop. The replacement roof is an EXACT match. Everyone in the shop did their job well and treated me with courtesy. The car was returned to me clean. I missed having the Vette for the past 2 days, but it was well worth it as the custom match...
  2. 3rd Chance

    Roof Repair Time in GA

    ;help They caught up with me. My roof doesn't exhibit any symptoms yet, but I received the recall postcard and I know it's overdue time to have this checked. Anyone in the Atlanta area have a positive experience with a repair? :) The dealer closest to me isn't exactly Vette...
  3. 3rd Chance

    1 - 4

    I may be Search Inept. ;help I believe I've seen somewhere on this forum that you can program out the 1-4 shift function, but now I can't find the information. Yes, it's fun to simply accelerate past this annoyance, :lou but I thought I'd try for a more technically advanced solution.
  4. 3rd Chance

    My New Game

    Picture this. Husband by my side in the passenger seat, we're driving down a local (practically deserted) highway and, he says, "Why are you slowing down?" I reply, "There's something coming up on us in the hammer lane that we need to greet". :upthumbs Snickering, he says to me, "Oh, not...
  5. 3rd Chance

    The evening didn't go as planned

    I diligently took care of all my Saturday 'have to' chores, and at 7 p.m. happily picked out a favorite CD and headed for the garage. My plan called for my first 'solo' drive in my '05...I've had her since the 14th and we haven't had any 'alone' time together yet! I patted my terrier goodbye...
  6. 3rd Chance

    ZR6 Code GM Show Car

    I'm collecting documentation on my newly purchased '05, and now understand that she was a GM Show Car at birth. Does anyone know how I can find out: 1) How many '05's have the ZR6 code 2) Does this mean she was 'hand built' 3) Does GM keep records of where and when these cars were displayed...
  7. 3rd Chance

    Third Time Owner

    Yes, I did it again. HI!!! and a Vette Wave to all other lovers out there. Glad to have found this forum! My '63 Vert and '69 Coupe were 'childhood' toys...and, girls cry when their toys break down! Being in my early 20's then, I had two examples of the Plastic Fantastic that spent more...
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