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  1. The73vetteman

    Where to look for values?

    Hi all, been away from this forum a few years, various reasons, and now I'm thinking about selling my '73. Thing is, I have no idea what to ask. Values at places like NADA Guides seem all over the map. Anyone got any favorite places they use?
  2. The73vetteman

    Gas Tank Strap Q

    I'm replacing my tank with a kit purchased from Ecklers and I'm concerned about the way the straps fit around the tank support bracket. The photo shows what I'm dealing with. I have 2 problems: 1. the strap seems about 1/2" too short - or do I just need to be more muscular? And 2. it...
  3. The73vetteman

    Should the gas tank be painted?

    I've pulled my old rusted and leaking gas tank and plan on purchasing a new one - will probably go with the kit from Corvette Central - but here's my question: all the tanks I've looked at online appear to be bare metal. Was the tank ever painted? Seems like it should be to avoid corrosion but...
  4. The73vetteman

    Question: Where does the gas tank usually leak?

    Hello all, I'm pretty sure I have a leaking gas tank. I say this because when it's full I get a strong smell of gas around the right rear wheel, but at half full the smell pretty much disappears, EXCEPT under sharp braking or acceleration. So, this evening I removed the spare wheel carrier...
  5. The73vetteman

    Help! Water in gas?

    Well I've gone from intermittent stalling so frequent stalling to not starting at all, so I need some help! Here's what I've done/checked: Cranked the engine while holding #1 plug lead to ground and observed a spark. Checked the static timing as best I can with a dwell meter - seems that...
  6. The73vetteman

    Do you lubricate the centrifugal advance?

    I have a suspicion that my poor running problems are due to sticking centrifugal advance weights. It's been a few years since I rebuilt the distributor, and at least two since I last removed the distributor cap, and I really can't remember what I did. I'm thinking that a little smear of grease...
  7. The73vetteman

    Engine just dies

    Out tonight in the car, stopped at three consecutive red lights and each time the engine idled at around 850 rpm as normal, then just died completely. No coughs, splutters or misfires, it just stops running. Restarted on the second crank. Any ideas? Could it be a coil going bad? John
  8. The73vetteman

    Question: Steam from the defrost vents

    Hello all, After a long break I've resumed driving my '73, only to find a strange new problem. Once it's warmed up I get steam blowing from the defrost vents on the top of the dash. If I turn on the fan the problem gets worse. I need to fix this 'cause the windshield steams up and I'm planning...
  9. The73vetteman

    Exhaust knocking - engine mounts?

    I've had 2.5" dia pipes with headers on my '73 for years. Late last year I noticed that when I shut off the motor the right pipe would knock against the bottom of the hole thru the cross member. When I started the car up last week (first time this year) there was no knocking at first but once...
  10. The73vetteman

    The beast wakes from its slumber!

    Sorry guys, I just gotta share this. Finally started up the '73 tonight after my 6 month winter tranny rebuild project. Everything seems to be running smoothly, so if anyone wants to know about rebuilding a Muncie I'll be gald to share my experience. By the way, I bought the Muncie rebuild...
  11. The73vetteman

    Best gear oil for a Muncie?

    The Haynes book says to use a 80 or 90. In the store today I could only find 75/90. Anyone see any problems if I use this? J
  12. The73vetteman

    Bellhousing paint?

    Was the bellhousing ever painted or was it just left bare? I'm part way through relacing the clutch, and found my bell' was painted aluminum, over a blue. Is any of this original? What's the NCRS view? J
  13. The73vetteman

    Which clutch parts to replace?

    While I have the trans out I feel I should replace all the wear parts in the clutch - but which parts? Can someone give me a list of what components wear and therefore should be changed, before I put the tranny back?
  14. The73vetteman

    Sleeve for the trans yoke?

    I'm starting a rebuild of my M20 Muncie and have found that the outer diameter of the splined trans yoke has a lot of wear. Obviously if I put it back like this it's just going to leak oil again, so I'm wondering if it's possible to sleeve the shaft - (Redi-Seal?) The alternative is to spend...
  15. The73vetteman

    Rounded bolt head

    Well I've gone done a dumb thing. I was removing the bolts that hold the saddle over the prop shaft universal joint when the socket slipped off. :duh Now I can't find a way to get a grip on the bolt head to undo it. Suggestions anyone (apart from 'go find a real mechanic')? J
  16. The73vetteman

    Cradle for a 4 speed?

    I'm planning to rebuild the 4 spd trans this winter. It strikes me it might be easier to move and work on it if I make up a cradle to hold it. Has anyone ever done this? If so, would you have any photos or drawings you could share? Thanks in advance, John
  17. The73vetteman

    Manual tranny oil leak

    My M20 leaks oil from the plate on the left where the shaft enters the case. Not a problem when it's low on oil, but when I fill it I then find oil all over the garage floor... ;) I've seen somewhere a kit to replace the seals around this shaft, but my question is, how big a job is this? Can...
  18. The73vetteman

    Wont start - completely dead

    Yesterday it ran fine. Turn the key this morning and nothing. 12.45V at the battery, same at the solenoid. Gauges don't activate when i turn the key and the radio wont work. Solenoid will work if I short out the terminals but the starter doesn't turn. By the way, the starter is only 3 years...
  19. The73vetteman

    Value on a 77 L48 coupe?

    Came across a nice red 77 in rural SE Michigan the other day. 86k miles, very original, seat belts not working, has 215 60R15 tires, and there's some overspray visible in places. Frame underneath looks solid but I cant get a good sense of what state the birdcage is in. What would be a fair price?
  20. The73vetteman

    Running rough under load

    Started up my L48 4spd this morning and it ran nice at idle (like it always does). But put it into gear and it doesn't want to rev over 1500. I can work thru the gears ok, providing I don't exceed 1500. Above that it feels like there's a rev limiter. Timing? Advance? Help!!
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