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  1. mvvette97

    FS Comp cam 228/230

    I have a Comp cam 228/230 571/573 on a 112lsa with about 1500 miles on it. The reason i took it out was because i developed a lifter tick so i tore in to the engine. I had another cam just like it brand new. I was expecting the worst. It ended up being a lifter that just gave out. While i had it...
  2. mvvette97

    broke almost all my valve springs.. help

    Just done the cam swap about 150 miles ago. I was putting headers on tonight and while I had the valve covers off I thought the springs looked strange. Almost all of the springs on the very top coil that sits against the retainer is broken. Why would it of done that? The cam is the Comp 228/230...
  3. mvvette97

    slight wistle or whine after cam install

    After my cam install my buddy and I were driving around and he noticed a very slight wistle or whine that would increase with RPMs. It is so slight that i couldn't hear it at first. I didn't notice it till he said something. driving down the highway I can't hear it at all but when I'm shifting...
  4. mvvette97

    can't decide between two cams. HELP!

    I'm going to get one of these two. They are both Comp. Cams..........228/230 @.050 571/573 lift 112LSA PT# 54-428-11 or this one....224/228 @.050 534/537 lift 112LSA PT# 54-418-11.......... Will the smaller cam have the lope that we all like? I figured you guys have heard about all the cams out...
  5. mvvette97

    Problem with header hitting AC line

    I installes longtubes and I noticed that the AC line is against the header.I can't move the line at all because it is such a tight fit. Any ideas what to do?[/IMG]
  6. mvvette97

    question on header fitment

    Does anybody know if a set of shorty headers off of a 2000 vette will fit a 1997?
  7. mvvette97

    pull key wait 10 sec. after K harness install

    I just installed a k harness and now about every other time I start it that message shows up. Anybody have a clue? It was fine before I installed it.
  8. mvvette97

    Warning<worthless Dealer In Bethany Missouri

    Hey everybody. I just got screwed last week at a chevy dealer in Bethany Missouri called Pettijohns Auto Center. Don't ever go there. I took my 97 vette in for a column lock recall last week and sat there for three hrs. When it was done I noticed that the steering wheel still would lock, so I...
  9. mvvette97

    Ported throttle body?

    Anybody know if it helps or not. I thought about buying one. Thanks.
  10. mvvette97

    WTB smooth air coupler

    I've been looking for the smooth coupler that goes between the throttle body and the air bridge. Let me know. Thanks
  11. mvvette97

    lowering F55 suspension "safe?"

    I was wondering if anybody has lowered a f55 suspension without damage? Never was sure. Thanks
  12. mvvette97

    question about tranny on 97vette

    After I installed my superchips microtuner the tranny seems to shift alot harder.It will now slide sideways when it shifts to second.I installed a tranny cooler to help keep it cool.Does anybody think that will hurt the transmission shifting that hard?
  13. mvvette97

    IPC code b 0521

    Does anybody know why my vette would throw this code? It is somthing with the tach, but the tach works fine
  14. mvvette97

    tcs code c1288 on 97 vette

    does anybody know what code c1288 means? I can't find it on the code sheet. please help
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