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  1. dmd

    Third/center brake light issue on '98

    Acquired a '98 and working through some minor issues with it. The third/center brake light wasn't working and was setting a C1295 code and disabling TCS when the hazards were triggered. I removed it and found that one of the legs in the connector was broken, so I replaced it. But, it's still...
  2. dmd

    High oil temp, low oil press. WTF?

    My car ('88 with 350 GM crate ZZ430 w/ '91 TPI) has been down for about four years during a long-term project to upgrade to headers. Once I got it back up and running in February, I noticed my oil temp gage was running high. It would start out normal for the first few minutes, but then...
  3. dmd

    Best fluid for '99 T56?

    I had my tranny rebuilt, but now it has this annoying whine in 1-3 from 2k rpm+. I don't know what the shop filled it with, but is this something that the right fluid can fix, or does it need more than that?
  4. dmd

    Trying to find pics & videos of '94 museum parade on I-75...

    Trying to find pics & videos of '94 museum parade on I-65... Did some searching on Google, YouTube, Yahoo and VetteTube and haven't turned up anything of the parade down I-65 into Bowling Green. Anyone know where that footage has gone? Thanks, Dave
  5. dmd

    How to remove inner tie rod from rack?

    I'm trying to replace my inner tie rod on the driver's side of my '96 LT4. I got the bellows off, and I know it threads on, but there's nothing to grab hold of to twist it off. Tried to grab at it with some vise grips, but the outside ring of the joint spins freely. What's the trick to this...
  6. dmd

    Polo Green Hardtop WITH BRACKETS from '96 on eBay!

    Original Corvette C4 Hardtop with Mounting Brackets & Hardware | eBay
  7. dmd

    Wrecked my '96 and need some help.

    I wrecked my '96 LT4 this weekend and I need some advice. I had added it back on my policy last week, but for some reason the rep misunderstood me and didn't put collision coverage on the car, only liability and comp. I had added two other cars as well, and that was the coverage I wanted for...
  8. dmd

    The car knew, I swear it KNEW!!!

    Sunny, beautiful day in Seattle today, and I decided to take the ticketmagnet on the left to work. Common practice for me on Fridays in the summer. I'd driven it the night before and it was fine. But when I went to start it this morning, it just cranked and alerted me "REDUCED ENGINE POWER"...
  9. dmd

    Where is horn relay on C4?!?!

    I have searched the Chilton manual and the fuse panel but I can't find anything about the horn relay! Does anyone know where it is?
  10. dmd

    Convertible top speed with top up?

    This is probably just academic, but after watching an unnamed British car show reviewing an Aston Martin, it was mentioned that it had a 99mph speed limit with the top up. It got me wondering if there's a similar speed limit on our convertibles as well. I've been to 145 on a racetrack with the...
  11. dmd

    Oh no, it's not the Opti is it??

    In the last few weeks my '96 LT4 has been developing a new problem. Below 1500rpm and at throttle inputs >~20%, it gets the hiccups. I don't want to call it a misfire, because it is much more severe. It is as if the ignition is being shut off for a fraction of a second and it's a very harsh...
  12. dmd

    Why I hate Corvette Forum

    1. CF has factually inaccurate "articles" so badly-written they read like a high-school book report on what they call the Corvette Truck (aka Chevy SSR). It is an embarrassment. 2. CF has "mod suggestion" pages for C4 that have every single known-ineffective mod listed, and say it all adds up...
  13. dmd

    LT1/4 Starters - what's the big deal?

    The starter on my '96 LT4 has stopped starting, and I was looking to see what the cross-reference would be on it before I hit the junkyard. To my surprise, NOTHING crosses, not even F-bodies. Does anyone know what it is about this starter that it couldn't be used in any other car?
  14. dmd

    Can't pop the rear hatch

    The rear hatch/tonneau cover on my '96 convertible has stopped popping. I'm able to release it with the manual levers for now, but it's more of a pain than you'd think. It won't fire with either of the switches or the remote. I checked the fuse and it was good. I also replaced the relay...
  15. dmd

    clutch replaced on'96 LT4, now shifter vibrates more >4500rpm.

    I've got a good bit more vibration in the shifter than I remember having before the clutch replacement. The manual talked about aligning the clutch cover to the flywheel when reinstalling, and there was a yellow paint mark on the cover, but since I had a new clutch and a used flywheel, there...
  16. dmd

    New wheels on '96 vert (pics)

    Had too many problems with the chrome on my last set so I went back to painted. I had no idea that 'naked' chrome is only suitable for desert-like environments... Before: After: The 'before' pic is what they looked like when brand-new, but after driving them a few times in the...
  17. dmd

    Clutch problems

    The clutch on my '96 LT4 has been getting progressively worse for the past few years, and now it's gotten bad enough that I think it's about time to think seriously about how I'm going to fix it. It'll hold for normal driving and while it's cold, but after it has gotten warmed up it'll slip with...
  18. dmd

    Grand Sport 2010 MY: Return of the Grand Sport

    Thanks Aurora40, I couldn't have said it better myself (and was just about to try before you saved me the trouble). I do have a bit to add, though. The LT4 is a great motor but it was a necessity, not some stroke of genius or outpouring of heart and soul. 1996 wasn't even supposed to be a C4...
  19. dmd

    Traded a Prius for an LT4, having problems...

    Hi all, I just traded in the Prius for a 1996 LT4, and it is doing some strange things. When I let out the clutch and push on the gas pedal, it makes a strange screeching sound from the rear of the car, there is some bluish-white smoke coming from under it that smells really really bad, and...
  20. dmd

    Something BIG is missing from the LS9...

    Been poring over the tech articles on the LS9 and there is a glaring omission: Direct Fuel Injection. It hasn't been mentioned at all. There hasn't been an application larger than the 3.6 V6 yet so far, but they must've tried it. Did the Corvette team merely set themselves up for a coup in a...
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