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    Photo request of C2 Coupe weatherstriping (1967)

    I'd like a shot at the 90 degree bend downward. I'm a bit confused about whether I put the weatherstriping on correctly. I took reference photos but they are not defined enough. I did it this way: But while I went to do the other side, the weatherstriping seemed to like to be positioned...

    1967 wipers shut off in clockwise position instead of in the CC position as they should??

    From my "off" position (which is full clockwise), if I turn them one click positon CC they go on slow - to the next CC position they go on fast. All the plug in's can go in only one way so anyone know what is wrong? Thanks

    Voltage and/or Electrical question

    First off, the car has been off road for 4 years. I have a 2002 battery in it that's been on a Tender all the time. I know I need a new battery when the car gets on the road especially if it doesn't power up the motor when I try and start it - which hopefully will be in the next few days. I put...

    Heater box removal and inside flat heat "rivet" still holding it on

    All my other ductwork is off along with all other nuts/bolts. This is on the top left and it is holding the heater box on. I tried prying what appears to be a clip (on what appears to be a flat head rivet") off but it didn't budge. It is whats holding the box on. How does it come off - there is...

    ID of QJet #48518 E3 mfg. by Carter

    I'm cannot find specifications for this carb. I have the Rochester spec sheet but those are for GM mfg carb's with the 7 digit 702xxxx number. This carb was put on my '69 around 1974 to replace the Holly spread bore that was on it. Unfortunitly, when I bought it, it didn't have the original...

    Starter question concerning different size flexplates

    I've seen starter advertisments that say you could use "such and such" starter on SB motors with either the 150 ish or 160 ish flexplate. How can the same starter engage both a 12.x" flexplate and the larger 14" flexplate? This is probably a simple question:ugh

    ZZ4 swap and resulting tachometer issue

    What are you guys that put crate motors in doing about a tachometer? Swaping a tach drive distributor in or running with an add-on unit on the steering column? Thanks, Fred

    Front wheel "rolling resistance" ??

    I bled the brakes on the '67 the other day:cool. When taking both front wheels off to access the bleeder screws, I noticed an abnormal "resistance" when I tried to spin the wheels:ohnoes. Now, I don't drive this vehicle too frenquently and have had it a long time. Even with front discs, the...

    '69 Frame on resto progess....

    or should I say, lack of:L. Things have been moving along, however slowly. Yesterday I (finally) finished cleaning up and painting the frame. That is a job I don't want to do again. The gas tank is out and awaiting replacement with a new one. New body mounts and brake lines have been put in. The...

    Fuel line replacement on my '69

    I know it cannot be done with body on frame and body off is the way to go but I'm doing body mounts, the one side at a time way, so in the process could I raise the passenger side enough to get the lines on without cutting them? I've done the brake lines without too much cursing. Doing the lines...

    #1 Body mount line up

    After raising the D/S and cleaning up the frame, the line up for #1 isn't exact. In the photo below, the mount is positioned properly but the body hole where the bolt goes thru is off. Can I just move the mount to match the hole in the body bracket? But then the protrusion will be sitting on the...

    Guldstrand TA arm Zerk Spherical Joints

    These are metal not aluminum. Thought these might be the best alternative over rubber or poly. It's a street car and any added harshness wouldn't be an issue with me. Anyone tried these? Thanks as always, Fred:) - Guldstrand Motorsport

    WTB Headlight assemblies

    need complete setup except actuators for a 1969. PM with condition and price, Thanks.:thumb

    Front clip R&R

    Any experts out there:confused. For someone who hasn't done it before;shrug, how long would you expect :chuckle this person to get the old front clip off and then how long to hang a press molded (3 section, top surround, + fenders) replacement. Exclude pre-prep and paint time on the new section...

    3" half shafts and toe-in?

    Well finally after getting these in (from Fort Wayne Clutch) along with my emergency brake job, the rear wheels are all cocked. The driver side isn't too bad (it may even be correct) but the pass. side is all ****** up. I drove it a bit and it appears it got slightly better but it's out of wack...

    Parking brake shoe install

    Can I do these without taking off the spindle;shrug.

    Vansteel's U-joint /half shaft service

    Anyone ever send their half shafts to Vansteel for u-joint installation. They use the Neapo (sp) brand which I understand are pretty good.

    '57 Fuelie at Cristies Auction

    At the Greenwich Concours yesterday and the car went for $90K plus buyers premium which I took as a "good deal" for the buyer if the car was what it said it was - an original numbers matching fuelie. No real interest show by the bidders which I think there were only 2 bidding on it.

    Where to buy Canvas Garage?

    My '69 has been temporarily displaced from the garage due to another car purchase. I've seen Canvas type "temporary" garages while on vacation traveling but now that I want one, can't seem to find where (an internet site perhaps) to buy a "good" one. Pep Boys sells a 10x20 (my cousin bought...

    Replace custom nose with stock piece

    I would like to put back my '69 as original. I've had the custom nose on it since the mid 70's but my tastes have changed and I think I now want the pop ups back. My question(s) are: 1. Can I just take the molding strip off and attach the top hood press molded surround piece and put on a new...
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