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    Help! Help! Excellent Body Shop in San Diego?

    A guy backed into me at a stop sign, so I am in need of a nose, hood, paint, and who knows what else. Anyone have a recommendation for a shop that does great work? (hopefully some C4 experience since my hood is now jammed shut! :duh ) Thanks, Mike
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    Bose repair/Aux input & Dr. Don

    My head unit is begging to be worked on. Has anyone had the cassett to mp3 input modification done by Dr. Don? Just wondering how you like it, and if possible, would you post a picture? I am considering this modificatoin but would like to see what it looks like. Thanks, Mike
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    Auto X/Track brake pads

    Suggestions? I have been running Hawk HP Plus, but had to throw back on a back up set of SBS blue (pro touring) in a pinch. That was an eye opener. the Hawks worked a lot better for competition. Now, the question is there a better pad than the HP+? I autocross regularly and track on...
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    clutch life?

    Ok, just curious... Anyone else have more than 130K on the original clutch? I autocross, and have even been to the drag strip on occasion. For the life of me, I just don't know how the clutch is still with me. So, how many miles on yours?
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    LT4 Engine Swap (LT1 to LT4)

    Ok, has anyone here dropped a complete LT4 into an OBD-I vette? I am looking to install it in my '92 (with 6spd), and boy do I have questions... Computer? Can I run my '92 computer and leave off the MAF? Should I? If I switch computers, what else do I need to change/modify? Any and all...
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    How to kill drone

    Ok, the exhaust drone in my convertible is getting to me on road trips. I need help with where to start. Does anyone have an idea of where the worst of the drone is coming from? Storage/trunk area, behind or under seats, floorboards? I do not want to change the exhaust. Performance is...
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    Help! Heat related cut-out

    Ok the scenario~ When I get the underhood temps nice and toasty (stop and go traffic/autocrossing), I get a random engine cut out on acceleration. It is as if someone has a momentary switch and randomly pushes it. I have 129K miles on the girl, replaced opti at 60/70K, computer replaced...
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    Stumble on load, only when warm/hot

    Ok, the basics- 92, 6spd, 125K miles, new opti at about 60K thanks to water pump, replaces wires and coil about a year ago, computer replaced 3 years ago, coated SLP shorty headers. Here is the deal, cold to normal operating temps- no problems. If I am in stop and go traffic/stop and restart...
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    Brake noise

    I just switched to Hawk HP+ pads on the front, and I am going nutz!!! They sound like I am running metal to metal. (its embarrasing) I have pulled the pads off, cleaned everything, used hi-temp anti-skweel juice on the backs of the pads, and after two stops, they screem. Is this normal...
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    Brakes and NCCC rules

    Ok, I am looking for clarification. I have heard that slotted rotors are allowed under NCCC this year. I have not seen it in print though (old rule book). Does anyone know for sure, and if so in which class(es) they are legal? I have drilled rotors (Stillen I believe), and that put my...
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    electrical issues...still/new

    Ok,turns out that it was a fried computer. I got another one from the dealer today. Good news...when I tap the ECM, the car does not die. BAD NEWS...The fans are on at all times. Granted I just let it idle for 5 minutes, but the temp was only 170*, and the AC was off. As far as I know...
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    Help...electrical gremlin!

    HI all... Ok, my 92 vette is possesed. I was driving back from a road trip today, and every once and a while the engine would cut out momentarily. (usually when accompanied by a bump in the road) The Service Engine Soon light would flash too. Then in an instant, it would be back to normal...
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    New exhaust....complete custom

    Hi all.... Ok, well after messing with the KBD 3" system that was on my vette when I got it, I took the plunge. Ok, to give a litle background- I have having problem with interior noise (resonance). I tried getting a local shop to make me an "x" pipe to replace the baffle box....not a great...
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    F-45 vs. Z51

    Ok, I am thinking of selling my '92 and getting an LT4. I was looking at the options (since part of this is motivated by the fact I want a stiffer suspension. My '92 has FE1) and it got me thinking, which set up would be better. It will be driven daily, and will see auto-x. I drive into the...
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    CE wheels

    how can you tell a reproduction wheel from a factory one? what markings? I bought a set of CE 9.5's last week. Got a really good deal, but just curious if they are OEM or repros. Thanks
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    exhaust and autocross

    Hi all (long time, no post....) I have a Q for you. What is the stock exhaust diameter for LT1 (1992)? I bought it with a KBD 3" system on it. I thinking of redoing it, but at the same time, I want start autocross this year. I have heard that my 3" system will bump me to another class...
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    How to contact Chevy/GM

    OK, so after several attempts by the dealer to fix the jumping serpentine belt (that was caused by a dealer), it is still not fixed. The hub and balancer have been replaced (again), along with the tensioner, idler and p/s pulley. Everything has been inspected at least once. The...
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    Quick question/poll/survey

    Ok LT1 owners- Your main pulley aka harmonic balancer.... Does it run completly true, or is there some wobble in it? Has it always been this way? Factory or replacement? The reason....In the dealers quest to figure out why my belt keeps jumping, the replaced my hub and balancer. The old one...
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    Service Manual for 1991

    If someone has a manual for a 1991, would you consider making copies of section seven? It is the part that covers the transmission and clutch. I just bought a GM manual for my 1992, and it said look at the 1991 book for this information. If someone is willing, let me know. Let me know how...
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    Ok moron here.... Did they hide that sucker? The one I just bought is straigh, and I can not figure where that sucker goes. WHere I thought it would go is on the passenger side valve cover. That is a 90* elbow, and no valve of any sort in it. It is a pass-through elbow. I feel stupid for...
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