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  1. henny496

    1969 427 emission equipment

    Hello I have a 63 with a 69 427 engine in it. There are new laws up here now(MTO) and although the car is 63, they can go by the year of the engine for emisions I know little of emission equipment , but doing some Google searches it looks like a pcv and perhaps an AIR pump is required...
  2. henny496

    Sidepipes and noise

    Hello I recently started up my car and tried it with open headers and then with mufflers on My headers go out the sides and I have mufflers which are DNA's. The car is loud....way too loud. The mufflers took the sharp crack off from the headers, but it is deafening inside the car I bought some...
  3. henny496

    fiberglass dash for C-3

    Hello I am asking for a fellow that has a drag car and is looking to find a fiberglass dash for his C-3 Does anyone know of a mfg for this? Any info is appreciated thanks Tom
  4. henny496

    Gauge cluster

    Hello I want to remove(and reinstall) the needles carefully from the gauges, but I am afraid of bending them Anyone know the proper way of doing this? thanks Tom
  5. henny496

    63 rear window tract

    Hello I am assembling the doors on my car. I have started to do this about ten times over the past couple of yrs, either put it off or found I needed another pc for the assembly I had to buy everything and never took the doors apart. I have two(sets) rear window tracts. (will be a large...
  6. henny496

    Mounting Painless wiring harness

    Hello I have an 18 circuit Painless harness to put in the car( just had an overhead panel on the cage before) and I am trying to install it neatly I was hoping to put it behind the glove compt, but it basically is going to be level with the glove compt door in order to fit(wiper arms in the...
  7. henny496

    Rear window glass fit on a 63

    Hello Does anyone have some pics of how close the glass fits on a 63 with the body and trim? thanks Tom
  8. henny496

    Breaking in the cam

    Hello Unfortunately, this is as far as I am going with the car this year. Work has really gone downhill and I need to spend a bit more money to get ready to take it for a pass I decided a few weeks ago, just to break in the cam and put together what I can with the parts I have(which is...
  9. henny496

    Engine is in

    Hello I have not posted a pic in so long, I hope this works I put together my old 427 from my drag car(freshened up) and set it in late last night. I painted it GM corporate blue, already have too much black and orange will be too much with a red oil pan and red scattershield I am getting...
  10. henny496

    Mike Gentiles 63 drag car

    Hello This is a pic of a friend of mines car from last sat at Cayuga. This was the season opener for the OSCA Ontario Street Car Association and Mike runs in a class called Pro Comp which is on an 8.50 index His can can run faster and those are the real Hillborn injectors on this
  11. henny496

    Ceramic coatings

    Hello Has anyone had their headers ceramic coated to reduce underhood temps? Any before and after comparisons? Has anyone used header wraps? I sprayed the interior in Lizard skin, but I am worried about heat from the engine. Funds are limited now, but I am looking for advice ahead of...
  12. henny496

    427 piston dome volume

    Hello Does anyone have any info on a TRW piston L 2268 . It is a dome of about .300 , closed chamber I think the 11.1's are .140 high on the dome, wondering if these are 12.5? Also would anyone know the volume of the dome cc's ? take care...
  13. henny496

    63 drag vette for sale on Racing Junk

    Hello I am not sure if anyone is interested in this, but it does seem like a good deal if one wanted to drag race an old vette Herb, I think this is the one for you take care Tom...
  14. henny496

    WTB 63-67 Pedal brkt

    Hello I am looking for the pedal bracket which holds the steering column and bolts to the firewall This is for a custom application, I only need the brkt, not the pedals. It does not have to be pristine condition, but solid enough for structural use thanks...
  15. henny496

    Reccomended ground clearance

    Hello I am running into some problems with trying to obtain quiet mufflers for my car(quieter) I had wanted to come out the sides with my headers and then run custom sidepipes, but I have been told that I won't get it quiet enough My frame has been triangulated underneath for drag racing...
  16. henny496

    Hot Rod 63 in primer

    Hello My car came back home from the bodyshop last Friday. It is in urethane primer with a bit of a flame pattern on it. I am going to add one more lick on the flame, it is not the design I will keep when it is painted, but the final design is complicated just for primer. ( I may not even use...
  17. henny496

    Lastest pics of my project

    Hello My car left for the bodyshop on Sunday afternoon. I still have the hood and I am going to do a bit more on it this week The car will be back in 2 or 3 weeks. It will either be in Hot Rod flat black or in a flat blue finish. I want to keep the car in the sun and try it at the...
  18. henny496

    Insurance in Ontario Canada

    Hello I am getting closer on my project and I have been asking about insurance I talked with Silver Wheel classic car insurance( custom) but the one thing they said is you are not allowed to race your car or even time trial it. If you do, your insurance is revoked. You have to sign paperwork...
  19. henny496

    Drag race cars in Vette magazine

    Hello I am unsure how many people are interested in this article, but Vette magazine published articles on Drag race vettes in the Nov/ Dec issues I missed the Nov issue , but I do have the Dec issue. The 5 speed Modified Production class cars where wild to watch,and the trannies those...
  20. henny496

    Long style shifter

    Hello I am currently trying to fit my inline shifter into the tunnel. I have a Doug Nash 5 speed which is the same dimensionally as a Richmond 5 speed or a G-Force I have two Long style inline shifters( vertical gate style and I do have a Hurst as well) but I don't want to cut up my 63...
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