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  1. Vette Dreemz

    Hypothetical question of C5 EBCM problemI am through banging my head against the wall trying to get this resolved, so I

    I am through banging my head against the wall trying to get this resolved, so I am going to try to think outside the box on this problem. Number one is that, and I am sure most are aware of what the problem is, in that GM does not make the unit anymore since their 10 year obligation is...
  2. Vette Dreemz

    options needed for sealing cowl to windshield

    Recently had the wiper motor replaced and when the cowl was removed, parts of the attached weatherseal disintegrated, so I scraped the remainder off the bottom of the cowl and now am having a heck of a time finding something to replace it. GM is willing to sell me a new cowl for lotsa bucks, so...
  3. Vette Dreemz

    1999 C5 gauge showing incorrect temp

    Could really use some help with this problem. The problem started suddenly with the temp rising to 255 at a steady rate from cold within 2 miles. Took it to my mechanic and he cannot find the problem. Put his pyrometer to various points and got different readings at around 30 degrees cooler...
  4. Vette Dreemz

    replacement of front air dam on C5

    I lost the center section of the air dam on my C5 somewhere while driving and the temp went crazy. My question is I almost ordered the highly advertised "Big Mouth" and noticed comments in the forums that while it would work with the C4, it would not work as an improvement to the factory air...
  5. Vette Dreemz

    factory clutch for 1999 c5 or upgrade to dual clutch system

    I have a leaking rear seal in the transmission in the 99 vette I just bought and need to have it replaced. Big bucks as the thing requires disconnecting the trans to get to it and my mechanic recommends replacing the clutch while all the stuff is loose. My question is, do I upgrade to the...
  6. Vette Dreemz

    Livin' the Dream

    Hi; Just short of 75 years young and finally getting to live my lifelong dream, owning my own Vette. Bought a 1999 Black Coupe about a month ago and am loving it. Having some problems with it, but I will prevail. It appears that the 1999 is a problem car when it comes to the Modules in the...
  7. Vette Dreemz

    EBCM problem-Help

    Hi all; Just bought a 1999 coupe (Black) about a month ago and was told the only problem was the windshield wiper motor was bad. Bought it from an estate, so the executor had little actual knowledge aside from the wiper problem. Saw the lights lit for the ABS/Traction control intermittently...
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