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  1. alps66

    Krylon 1613 semi-flat black discontinued

    As we continue making progress (albeit slow) in making the Phoenix whole again, I've been having increasing difficulty locating Krylon 1613 semi-flat black paint (an often used blackout paint) and discovered that it is no longer listed on the Krylon website. I e-mailed Krylon this morning and...
  2. alps66

    Halloween story

    So, it’s Halloween and I’m standing outside the house wearing my crossed flags Corvette cap (a close as I get to a costume…) handing out candy to the over 200 munchkins who come around. One observant young man, about 13 years old, comes up and says, “You own a Corvette?” to which I reply “yes.”...
  3. alps66

    Barry K, VNV: Did you survive the storm?

    I hope that both of you and your cars were unscathed by the storm that came through Carlisle on Saturday evening. And what about the palm trees and pink flamingos at your Carlisle Caribbean Cabana? Please let us know. Regards, Jeff
  4. alps66

    How's this for a lousy repop?

    I recently ordered glove box and console inserts from Crane's, since from what I'd read, they're supposed to have the most accurate repops on the market. I received the order a few days later, drop shipped from Corvette America, and here's what I got. Needless to say, I wasn't a happy...
  5. alps66

    As the Phoenix rises from the ashes...

    …we’re coming across all kinds of interesting things. The latest is a filled-in hole pattern for the Corvette emblem on the rear deck, about two inches below the existing holes. The existing holes allow for the left side of the ‘Sting Ray’ bar to be installed 15 9/16” east of the centerline...
  6. alps66

    Hagarty came through!

    Hello All! As you may recall, I posted photos of a shop fire a while ago. I'm pleased to report that Hagarty came through with a handsome check with promises of more to follow as other issues surface. What a relief! I kept worrying that the car might be totaled or that they might give me a...
  7. alps66

    Shop fire - car is toast

    Hello All, My apologies if this gets a bit lengthy, but I hope you understand. Over the next few months I may be seeking your counsel and consolation for reasons evident from the photos below. My ’66 original numbers BB vert had been undergoing a body-on for several months and throughout the...
  8. alps66

    '66 radio - AM/FM indicator colors?

    I'm looking to replace the aftermarket radio in my '66 with a correct AM/FM. I've checked the archives here and on NCRS and the more I look into this radio stuff, the more confused I get. I need some clarification on some conflicting info regarding the color indicators behind the AM/FM bar. MF...
  9. alps66

    need a new radio

    Now that it's winter, I'm finally replacing my leaking radiator with the DeWitts I ordered at Carlisle and figured why not replace the heater core while I'm at it. And now that the firewall is open and the glove box is out, why not replace the aftermarket radio with an original (that NCRS devil...
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