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  1. Tman08

    GT1: Spa 24 Hours

    Hello everyone, I would like to let everyone know that this coming weekend is the the FIA GT's big event, the Spa 24 Hours in Belgium. Corvette Motorsport will serve as "Corvette HQ" in regards to live coverage throughout the week. Some things that will be on the website include live timing...
  2. Tman08

    New Callaway Competition Site now available!

    For those interested, Callaway Competition has a new website for your enjoyment. While there be sure to check out the media section for a special promotional video of the Z06R GT3 Vette exclusive to the site. www.callawaycars.de
  3. Tman08

    Callaway Z06R-GT3 wins back to back 1-2 in Brno!!

    Amazing stuff this weekend for the Z06R GT3, after both races saw back-to-back 1-2 finishes in Brno. A video review of race 1 can be found Here
  4. Tman08

    Corvette Racing European news...

    For those who are interested there is an FIA GT Review of Adria now up Here This site is the unofficial official European Corvette Racing site and offers everything there is to know about the Vettes competing in Europe. :beer
  5. Tman08

    Belcar Corvette Z06R-GT3 livery revealed!

    This week was the unveiling of the new PK Carsport Z06-R GT3 vette. For those of you who aren't familiar with Corvettes European involvement in GT3, Callaway Competition (based in Germany) builds these cars from the original Z06 body into GT3 spec cars. At the moment, the Z06-R will be competing...
  6. Tman08

    Prototype ZR-1 wheels

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone here is interested in some wheels (2) that im looking to sell that were used on a prototype ZR-1 from 1989? *heres the car as well as some info on what car: now please note that the wheels im selling are not from this particular car, but from another 1989...
  7. Tman08

    C6 interior pictures desparately needed!

    I was wondering if you guys (or gals) might have any C6 coupe interior shots of this combination: Black coupe: black and ebony/red interior shots with carbon (similar to this image): As for the Yellow coupe, im looking for ebony grey/carbon interior (also a non transparent roof is better...
  8. Tman08

    GLPK C6R 001 for sale

    Man...guess they really want some new C6R's bad.... As you might know the team is selling both their C5R and C6R to make room for some new Pratt Miller Chassis that are for sale...or so is the word going around...
  9. Tman08

    Ron Fellows request

    I was wondering if anyone on this message board might have a high resolution image of Ronfellows signature like this : I need it for some graphic work ASAP....so please either email me ro reply if you have it. (preferably a white background and not on a piece of clothing.) thanks.
  10. Tman08

    Corvette C5R for sale

    I wasnt sure where to put this, but if anyone is interested in the last C5R ever built and to have won a race (as of this post). GLPK has the Pratt Miller 2004 chassis (011) which won this years Belcar Series in Belgium: heres some additional info: http://www.glpk.net/pics2006/c5r.doc...
  11. Tman08

    Corvette Racing threatens to leave ALMS for LMS 2007

    Corvette Racing have stated that they intend on leaving the ALMS for the LMS next year if the current rules aren't changed and brought back to balance. Do you think they will make the move for 2007? (in Autoweek issue currently on the news stand) heres the cover...
  12. Tman08

    GM to rid of Vette current logo for bow-tie gold

    (tried posting it in the news area but this is the only area i think this would be seen): Personally, i never thought i'd see this: http://www.leftlanenews.com/2006/09/29/corvette-camaro-to-sport-chevys-gold-bow-tie/ If this actually happens then it will mean even lower sales in Europe, as...
  13. Tman08

    **my GLPK Carsport Corvette videos**

    **GLPK Carsport C6R/Z06R GT3 videos**(Spa 24 hours) I recently went to Spa for the 24 hour race with the GLPK Carsport team and Carsport Callaway GT3 vette team and recorded some videos of their GT1 and GT3 pitlane and also around the track. Enjoy and look for new ones atleast once a week...
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