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  1. minifridge1138

    Any good resources for a LS swap?

    Hey everyone, I'm contemplating an LS swap into my 1982, but haven't found many good sources. Anyone with experience that can point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  2. minifridge1138

    What's a vetta rossa?

    I was just looking around for used cars in the area and stumbled upon this (see link below). A vetta rossa? I'd seen kits to make them look like a Testerossa or a Daytona, but never anything like this. Thoughts? Cars for Sale: 1986 Chevrolet Corvette in REDWOOD CITY, CA 94061: Coupe Details...
  3. minifridge1138

    Need suggestions for getting a modified 1982 corvette registered in CA

    Where to begin.... The previous owner replaced the crossfire with a standard holley carb. He also removed the EGR, smog pump, vapor canister, and catalytic converter. I was living in a state with no emissions tests, so that wasn't a problem when I bought it. A year ago I moved to Northern...
  4. minifridge1138

    Sat Navigation an option in 1999

    Hello all, i'm looking at a 1999 coup for sale and the owner advertises that it has navigation. I don't think that was a factory option, was it? Thanks!!!
  5. minifridge1138

    My other car failed smog

    Hello everyone, I recently moved to an area that requires a smog test and my other car failed. It is a 1995 5.0L Mustang. The CEL is not on, so the computer thinks everything is fine. It failed Hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrous oxide. I've never lived in a place that did smog, so...
  6. minifridge1138

    opinion about an LT1 in a C3

    I may be moving to a state where they check emissions.... There is no way my car will pass in its present condition. My first thought was to restore the engine to original condition, but that became rather expensive (if I could even find a cross-fire setup). Now I'm playing with the idea of...
  7. minifridge1138

    4 Cylinder Corvette

    What do you get when you fire on 1/2 of your cylinders? My car. Went out to drive it over the weekend. It fired up, no problem. Gave it a small amount of gas to back out of the driveway and it almost died. Gave it a good revving, and it jumped to 2,500 RPM and kept going no problem. It ran...
  8. minifridge1138

    Oil Pan gasket or rear main seal

    Hey everyone, My car has an oil leak. The oil is dripping down through the hole in the flex plate cover. I assume, that a leaky oil pan gasket could cause this, but could I also have a leaky ream main seal? Is there a way to test the rear main seal and find out? No matter what, I need to...
  9. minifridge1138

    Reaching the evaporator core

    Hey everyone, How hard is it to reach the AC evaporator core? My AC is cool, but not cold. I've checked freon levels, replaced the compressor, orifice tube, cleared out debris, and everything else I can think of. A fellow car guy said he had a problem once where the evaporator core in the car...
  10. minifridge1138

    Problem with internal air

    Hey everyone, When I have the climate setting on anything other than MAX AC, i don't get air coming out of the vents. When I put it on max, the little door under the hood on the passenger side behind the filter/mesh closes. The rest of the time that door is open and I can fell air blowing up...
  11. minifridge1138

    Price for 1998 Coupe

    Hello everyone, I have an '82 C3 that I love, and I'm thinking about upgrading my DD to a C5. I found a 1998 white coupe with 57,000 miles. I was able to take a quick look over the car and saw nothing wrong. I plan to go back soon and get a much closer look. I was just wondering if...
  12. minifridge1138

    Car loan

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good place to get a car loan for antique cars? Thanks!!!
  13. minifridge1138

    Speedometer and cable problem

    Hey everyone, I can't get the speedometer cable re-attached to the speedometer cable. I've done it 2 or 3 times before, but not this time. The cable makes it just the the clip on the back and then won't go any further. Is there a trick to this or should it just slip on and snap? Thanks!!!
  14. minifridge1138

    Speedometer Problem

    Well I thought my problem was the speedo cable. Replaced it. Problem went away for a couple of drives. Now my speedometer is just stuck at 30 mph. Doesn't move at all. Is the speedometer head something that I can fix, or is better to send it off? Thanks!
  15. minifridge1138

    Problem with brake master cylinder

    Hello everyone, My brake master cylinder was leaking where it attached to the vacuum booster. Replaced it with a new one. Then the trouble began. Bench bleeding went fine. Bleeding the rear wheels was completely normal. I had trouble when I got to the front. We could pump the pedal and...
  16. minifridge1138

    brake master cylinder

    My brake master cylinder needs to be replaced. I'm in the middle of moving and my aim and service manual are in a box someplace. Do I need to anything to prep it before installation? I've seen posts talk about bench bleeding before. Do I need to do that? Thanks!!!
  17. minifridge1138

    Possible Speedometer Problem

    Hey everyone, Since I bought car (3 years ago) the speedometer has been kind of sporatic (bounces around +- 5 mph). The faster I drive the more it jumps. This morning, the speedometer was dead at 0. After a couple of miles it started to work a little. It won't go below 30 mph. From a...
  18. minifridge1138

    rocker arm adjustment

    I know I have some valve clatter. The service manual says the rocker studs should be tightened to 50 ft-lbs. Should I just use a torque wrench or should I go through the engine running adjustment procedure? All opinions welcome. Thanks!!!
  19. minifridge1138

    What to look for with oil pan off.

    I'm getting small oil leaks around the oil pan, so I think I'll replace the pan gasket with a fel-pro at the next oil change. As long as the pan is off, is there any other maintenance I should do or anything i should inspect for wear? Thanks!
  20. minifridge1138

    Door Hinge Pin/Bushing installation

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to replace the pin and bushing on my doors, but i'm not having any luck. How do you get the old pin and bushing out? Mine just do not want to move and I'm afraid that I'll break something if I do it wrong. Thanks!!!!
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