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    For those with Twin Turbos

    I received this email tonight from Evergreen Turbo : Hi Sam Sorry this took so long. But I want to make sure I find someone very qualified to machine these bearings. I should have an answer in the next couple of weeks. I need some help here. Can you see what interest you can generate in a...
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    Video: C4 Fans

    I thought this was pretty cool. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YII-h21xJvw&feature=related
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    (Sledgehammer)Hope it's not a dupe. COOL VID !!

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    Garage Queens come out

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    88 Callaway

    Recorded this with my cell phone. Sound is kinda crappy on this vid. In person though, it sounds really healthy. This is the new exhaust system I fabricated for the car about 6 months ago. You can now really hear the whine of the turbos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqg5AVE7Bw8
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    Well, finally made time to build the exhaust

    True duals. All T-304 stainless.
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    Happy Turkey Day

  8. 8388

    Callaway tire burning machine

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    Before and After

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    Happy Fourth

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    FS Almost new injectors

    I need to go bigger. These were run thru basically 3 dyno pulls. Made by Lucas sold thru G.M for the Corvette. Part # 10108481 Best deal on the net is $36.99 each. Make me an offer.
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    FS almost brand new injectors

    Moved it
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    New project

    I've decided to modify the 88 Callaway. And since I'm looking for a few more rpms, I decided to go with the siamess plenum and runners. I'm also going with an aftermarket intake.
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    Check out the Dymags

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    This is what I think a Callaway will do some day

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    Took the 88 Callaway

    out for a spin today. We finally got a beautiful day today. So I couldn't resist. I took my 88 Callaway, and Ultra took his 90 ZR1. We ran into a few other vettes:bu :naughty: then later a couple of Harleys:grinshot What A RUSH:gap
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    Nose to nose

    This is a pic that begged to be taken :D
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    Well it's part Callaway now

    :D I couldn't resist
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    Special thanks to EricVonHa

    I asked Eric to help me with a corvette related item near his neck of the woods. Eric took the time to go out and look at the part, purchase it, and shipped it to me in a work of art container, before I even had the chance to send him the funds. That's what I call a true friend and an asset to...
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    Another addition to the stable

    I just had to have a white one aswell:D
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