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  1. fille9

    1988 35th Aniversary Edition

    My car is in excellent condition. Garage kept. Rarely used. 73,000 miles. Looking for a ball park figure, what is it's worth???
  2. fille9

    88 anniversary value???

    I am looking for some idea (ball park) on the value of my 88 anniversary vet, It has 80,000 mile and is in mint condition. I take excellent care of it and spend plenty to keep it running top noch. Hagerty insurance feels the value is 20,000 to 27,000 based on the pictures and info I sent them...
  3. fille9

    Stalling Problem Please Help

    Still my 88 is stalling. I changed the fuel filter it didn't help. Today I took a ride about 6 miles round and it stalled 5 times. It just shuts off. After waiting obout 5 to 10 min it re starts and runs fine for about 1 mile or so and again it just shuts down. It's like the gas is cut off...
  4. fille9

    1988 hard brakes ???

    My brakes actually scare me. I know that this is common with 88's maybe someone has a solution. My ABS light is on and I never hear that motor go on after initial movement. Even before the light went on the brakes werent that good. I recently had the power booster replaced and I swear now the...
  5. fille9

    Stalling Problem 88 Anniversary

    Recently started.. While driving car just stalls out. After 10 min or so it restarts and then a mile or so later it stalls again. This just keeps happening. I put in dry gas with water rmover and see no results.. Please help.
  6. fille9

    88' Anniversary Owners White Wheels

    Please Help.. I have a hell of a time trying to keep my white wheels clean. Anyone have any advise as to what products or home made solutions will take all the brake dust off. Thank you in advance.. Phil
  7. fille9

    Rotor replacement 88'

    What is the process to replace the rear rotors??? Step by step...
  8. fille9

    88" 35th Anniversary.

    Please tell me did this car have 12 or 13 in. rotors
  9. fille9

    ABS Wheel Sensors 1988

    Are the ABS wheel sensors in my 88 built into the wheel Hub??? Can they be cleaned?? If so how??
  10. fille9

    Starting Problem

    When my 88 is cold it starts right up with no problem.. When it is warmed up, it cranks and cranks and I have to pump the gas to get it to start. Usually takes about 5 sec. This is not right.. Any help appreciated.. Thank you
  11. fille9

    1988 Hood stuck closed

    My hood is stuck on the passenger side. I can't get it opened.. Any advice appreciated......
  12. fille9

    1988 ABS

    The control module and hydraulic modulator are located behind the drivers seat. Does anyone know how to access this unit. Exactly how do you get to it???
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