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    Is there any Members in Connecticut to help with a ZR1?

    Hello All I'm wondering if there’s any member’s in the Bristol/Terryville CT area that would be kind enough to inspect a ZR1 for me. The last time I bought my C4 ZR-1 I flew back to Boston with the wife to inspect the car. I’m wondering if there’s any members here that can help me avoid a...
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    In Search of a C6 ZR1

    Greetings Everyone I am actively in search of getting back into a ZR1. I could use some help from the forum members if you come across one of there cars. What I'm looking for is a blue 2011 or 2012 ZR1 in Jetstream Blue 1st choice or Supersonic Blue 2nd choice. Interior preferably to be a solid...
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    For Sale - More ZR-1 Items Available!

    Guys Just when I thought I had almost everything cleaned out. I went out into my storage in my garage last weekend to open up some boxes and I'm still finding more ZR-1 items. I must really been a serious ZR-1 junkie back then. I think I started collecting some of these items way before I got...
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    FOR SALE - C4 Corvette 2-AA Cell Maglite Flashlight

    I have a brand new never used collectable 2-AA Cell Maglite Flashlight with the C4 CORVETTE logo imprinted on it commemorating the C4 Corvette. This comes complete with gift box. Anyone interested in these please contact privately as I'm no longer an active member here. The features of the...
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    For Sale - C4 & ZR-1 Models

    Hi All Since selling my ZR-1 and being out of the sport for a year or so I'm trying to clean the garage a little I would like to get rid of some item that some of you might be interested in: 95 Comp Yellow ZR-1 Promo - 3 Available 96 Aqua Corvette Promo - 2 Available All Models above are...
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    Complete Set of Factory Brand New Corvette ZR-1 Emblems!

    I have a brand new set of GM Factory OEM Corvette ZR-1 emblems for sale for a 92-95 ZR-1's with the 43U Bright Aqua color. These are a GM OEM factory brand new complete set covering both sides of the hood and the rear bumper. These were never used and they are no longer available through GM as...
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    ZR-1 Models For Sale

    Hi All I have some left ZR-1 items I would like to get rid of: 95 Comp Yellow ZR-1 Promo - 3 Available 91 Testor's ZR-1 Metal Kit - 2 Available All Models $10.00 + Shipping E-mail or PM me if interested as I'm no longer active on this forum. Thanks Art
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    For Sale - Factory Used OEM 93-95 ZR-1 Windshield

    Guys, I had this windshield in storage for a while. It came off my 95 Aqua ZR-1 #389. Had a new perfect windshield installed in August 2004 just to do the shows because I was docked for point's cause of minor delamination. Back then a new OEM windshield cost $3,700 without installation. This...
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    For Sale: 84-96 Corvette Windshield Reveal Molding Set

    This is a used set of windshield moldings I have off my 95 ZR-1. This set of moldings are in very good mint condition with no damage, maybe very little paint wear if any I doubt since the car has been garage all it’s life. I replaced the windshield in October 2005 along with the moldings when...
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    For Sale - Chromed Center Cap Set

    I have two sets of Chrome Center Cap Set which will fit a GM 91-96 Corvette Sawblades or ZR-1 wheels, Trans Am, Camaro SS or ZR-1 Wheels. These are a brand new set of 4. I am asking $40.00 per set shipped free in the USA. Out of the country sale shipping will be actual cost. I will accept a...
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    For Sale - EBC Kevlar Brake Pad Set-Complete Front & Rear

    This a brand new set Front & Rear EBC Green Stuff Kevlar brake pad set #DP21131 & DP21167 still in the wrapper. This set will fit 88-96 Corvettes, Zr-1's, 88-92 all F-Bodies Camaro, IROC Z-28, Firebird, Formula, and Trans Am. These are designed for Premium hi-performance street & track driving...
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    NEW Brake Master Cylinder

    This is a NEW Raybestos brake master cylinder, not rebuilt #MC390255. This is a brand new "(OE PBR Automotive)" #63-3902555 brake master cylinder with reservoir which is the factory OE supplier for GM on the 95-96 Corvette & ZR-1’s master cylinders made in Australia sold through Raybestos. Again...
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    For Sale - 1995 Corvette Factory Shop Service Manual Set

    I have available a complete set of 1995 Corvette GM Factory Shop Service Manual part #GMP95Y. This set is in new condition. It contains Factory Authorized Service information written by General Motors. It contains Diagnostic Information and Procedures, Schematics and Routing Diagrams, Component...
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    For Sale - C4 & ZR-1 Parts & Accessories

    Hello All I no longer have my ZR-1. But I do have a few items that some of you may be interested in that might be able to use. Listed is some of the items I am selling. Please contact through my e-mail as I not that active on the forum anymore due to time limitations. These items are indicated...
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    For Sale: 1995 Corvette ZR-1

    For Sale: 1995 Corvette ZR-1, Aqua/Black #389, Last ZR-1 built in Aqua color, 16,400 miles, two roof car, 2nd owner, unmolested, as close to original as to my knowledge. I'm selling it due to lost of interest in the sport. I'm not in desperate mode to get rid of it, so please do not call and...
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    Need Help From Someone In The Eugene Oregon Area!

    Hi All I'm looking for ZR-1 Forum Member, someone that lives in the Oregon in the area of the city "Eugene" that can go to a shop and check out an item for me before I purchase this. Anyone that can help me please e-mail me privately with your phone number and I'll give you a call and give you...
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    Need Help Finding a Windshield

    Hello All I'm looking for a ZR-1 windshield with a (Small Cutout) for the late model ZR-1. I know that I'm going to have to pay an arm & a leg for one, but I'm looking for one that in near show condition. If you guys know of one or can put me in contact with a connection I would really...
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    For Sale: 96 Comp Yellow LT1 Cpe/Low Miles

    Comp Yellow/Blk Interior 36,650 miles 1 top car (solid top) Corsa Exhaust Chromed Wheels New Michelin Pilot Sport Tires New Brakes Very Clean Inside and Out $19,950 or Best Offer I can also help you arrange for shipping FOB from Stockton, CA Call me if you're interested in this car at (209)...
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    “BEWARE” This car is back on the market!

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=6168&item=2415206664 This car was on the E-Bay auction last December and didn’t sell. It is not in it's original condition. This car has been “PAINTED” to a wanna be Admiral Blue. This was an Aqua car made to be an Admiral Blue...
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    Corvette Emblem On The Valve Cover?

    How many of you guys have your Corvette emblem that’s mounted on your valve cover discolored to purple? Some how I just replaced my Corvette emblem (part #10174309) on one of my valve covers last May, a year ago. Yesterday at a car show I entered I notice the new emblem started to discolor to a...
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