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    17" X 9.5 '88 - '96 ZR1 wheels on a 1986?

    Hi all, Done a lot of reading and just as confused as ever. I want to purchase a set of ZR1 style rims, 17 X 9.5 for my 1986 coupe. What would I have to do to get them to fit right? I've read about offsets and spacers and countersunk lugs, and still confused!!!:confused Any help would be great...
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    1986 4+3 throw out bearing..anybody replace on lately?

    1986 4+3 throw out bearing..anybody replace one lately? Last week on the way to a cruise night, went to down shift and turn and got a god awful screeeeeeeech...:pukeMy wife nearly jumped out, but I knew right away what it was. Limped home and got it in the garage. Why I didnt change it while...
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    Clutch Slave?

    Hey all, I'm starting to notice if I'm at an extended red light with the clutch engaged for a few minutes, the rpm's start to drop and the car wants to go, or occasionally stall. The clutch/pp/flywheel are new or fairly new. I dont seem to be losing any fluid. I do remember once or twice before...
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    Auxiliary cooling fan sensor

    Hey all...I understand that the auxiliary cooling fan sensor, located between plugs 1 and 3,was an option and not installed on all '86 vettes. I have one, but with the headers installed now, the plastic connector is right at one of the header tubes and is getting brittler by the ride. Seeing...
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    Vacuum line at FPR

    Now with most of the plumbing from the AIR system removed, what do I do for a vacuum line at the FPR? Also, did a leak test on the fuel system and it dropped from 36 to almost zero in a few seconds. Time for new injectors? WAS going to call FIC, just havent had the chance yet. Car is bucking at...
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    Injector Upgrade

    Hi all, Could somebody tell me what engine modifications warrant an injector upgrade? Just wondering while the engine is back at the machine shop if I need to chnge to a larger injector. Bored .60 over, long tube headers, true duals, no cat, no EGR, Lunati cam, Custom chip from Harris. ;shrug...
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    1986 EGR Exhaust tube for sale

    Since switching engines and going with headers, I dont need the EGR Exhaust tube any more. Has less than 50 miles on it, label still attached. Crimp ring is also included. Check Ecklers part numbers 27005 and 27006. $119.00 new for the set. $50 for both plus actual shipping cost. just drop me a...
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    CRAP! Water in the oil!

    Got about a total of 30 minutes run time on the new engine, (including the 20 or so minutes for cam break in). Sounds great(still open headers) runs great...but, never able to fill the radiator to fill. Everytime I looked in, it was low on coolant. Was away for a few weeks on vacation, came back...
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    Still no speedometer

    Hey all, while replacing the engine, I replaced the speed sensor and the green gear behind it that was missing when I took it apart. Took it out for a short spin around the block and I noticed I still dont have an operating speedometer. Any ideas or suggestions on this? Thanks in advance :w
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    New engine, no start

    OK, finished replacing the 305 that somebody stuck im 86 coupe with an early 80's 350 4 bolt main that has been bored (.060), honed, decked and heads with new valves, seats, seals, guides, new cam (Lunati), cam bearings, new crank..yada yada yada. New chip in the ECM, long tube headers...
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    Checking for leaks

    Hi all...At what point during the rebuild can I check for leaks at the rails/injectors? Fuel rail is re-installed, figured now would be a good time if I could hook up the battery and check. None of the p/s, alt, a/c, air is installed as of yet. Thanks in advance ;help :w
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    Picture help...please!

    Hi all...went to pull up the pics I took during different stages of disassembly as I'm re-assembling and to my surprise :bash....the sd card was re-formatted!!!!!! Any pictures, especially of alternator,air pump, p/s, a/c mounting order and bolt up would be awsome...pluggin' away one bolt at a...
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    Fuel Line O-rings

    Would anybody happen to know what the sizes are of the two o-rings that are on the fuel lines where they attach to the fuel rails? Pretty much disentegrated when taken apart. Thanks in advance! :beer :w
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    Flywheel compatibilty

    Starting to get a little overwhelmed....after a 1 1/2 years of ownership, found out its not the original engine, but a 5.0. Bought an early 80's 5.7 four bolt main, which is now at the machine shop getting cleaned, honed and all that good stuff. I know the flywheel needs to be changed due to the...
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    Speed Servo gear

    The fun just keeps piling on this weekend. Figured I could still change the speed sensor in the 4+3 since the speedometer hasnt worked since I owned the vehicle. Got the old sensor out and fournd out why it didnt work...there is no gear on the shaft! Is this gear available anywhere? Thanks
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    Intake valve size

    All the parts came in, so this morning started putting the heads together when I noticed the 1.94 intake valves are slightly larger diameter than the valves that were there. I checked the old ones and they are 1.83 or so. Any idea why? Looked for valves that siz and cant be found. Can I use the...
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    valve spring retainers

    Hey all, does anybody know why the valve spring retainers on the exhaust valves are a 2 piece assembly which can spin amd the intake retainers are solid? Cant find the two piece retainers, all I see are solid. Any info is appreciated. Oh, its a 86 L98, with cast iron heads. :w
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    finish on plenum, runners

    Has anybody put a finish on their plenum and runners? Ive seen a polishing service on eBay, but was wondering if anybody here has painted/powder coated a finish on a L98 plenum and runners. If so, any pics? :w
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    Camshaft Opinions?

    While i'm taking it apart and rebuilding, i'm considering a mild cam with slightly noticeable idle. Everything else is staying stock except i'm running muffler eliminators. Most of my driving is around town, so not looking for high end help. Any suggestions on a nice cam for the L98? Thanks
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    AIR and A/C delete on '86 L98

    Does anybody know if there are any repercussions for eliminating these items? Just seems that it would clean up the engine compartment greatly and since i'm stripping down the engine, now might be the time. Thanks in advance. :w
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