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  1. J

    Clutch Issues! help!

    Need some help/opinions. My clutch has been giving me fits the last few months- hard to get into gear, acts like air is in the system, locked out of gears at high rpm, sometimes I have to pump it ect... I havent seen any fluid loss or leaks and ive been changing my fluid regularly. Problem...
  2. J

    Nitrous KIT for c5

    I am selling my nitrous kit. It's a progressive kit with the big (reliable) solenoids. I will split up the big pieces if needed but would rather sell it complete Asking 1000 OBO N2O outlet LS1 78mm plate (2) big Cold Fusion nitrous solenoids (1 redundant, 1 progressive) Big Cold Fusion fuel...
  3. J

    C5 SLP loudmouth!

    This system is in great shape. Its the one with the 4 big tips! asking 550 shipped
  4. J

    WTB FAST 90,92, or 78mm intake. Also Nitrous parts!

    Title says it all! Let me know what you have!
  5. J

    WTB C5 axleback and C5 transparent roof!

    Title says it all! PM me what you have
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