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    1993-ruby on ruby project car-new short block

    I call this a project car because it needs work-clear coat is peeling-seats need new foam( the pre cut foam is included ) new interior fan motor or control needed-2 new tires the other 2 are almost new-new radio/disc player-the old original is included-2 new seat bladder controls included- not...
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    40th Anniversary Interior dash lights

    The background lights do not come on in any position-tried to find a fuse that is for that area-does anyone know where it is ? Thanks Dennis L.:ugh
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    Question: seat foam replacement instructions for 1993 40th anniv.

    does anyone know of any instruction portal or link that can go step by step to replace seat foam? thanks Dennis L.:hb
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    40th Anniversary changing spark plugs--'93--are there any tips on getting to the plugs?

    :confusedgetting ready to change plugs--are there any tricks?--does it help to remove the panels that are behind the wheels?--thanks Dennis
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    Hi everyone-I need some help finding an amplifier/ receiver for my "93. It's the box that sits inside the "bin" behind the passanger seat-any help would be great-Dennis:w
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    Too Many Volts ????

    Hi Guys and Gals, I have a problem -I think-A month or so ago I had to charge my battery. Since that time I'm reading about 14.5 volts ,according to the dash readings. When I turned one my radio it blew the fuse and continues to do so every time I turn it on. It doesn't matter if the car is...
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    key re-set problem

    Hi guys and gals-I have a re-occuring problem with my ignition. About 1 out of 6 times my key will not read in the ignition. The Security light will come on and thats it -no blinking just stay on until it re-sets itself. It's getting to be a real pain in the %$S. Does anyone know how I can...
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    lazy headlight passenger side

    Hi there people-Ive got what seems to be a typical problem but the typical fix didn't work.My pass. side head lamp will go up half way but thats it .Replaced the nylon rollers but noticed that the gear shaft is sloppy when it's apart but seems fine when it's back together. replaced the gear same...
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    40th Anniversary leather care-ruby red

    Does anyone know of a source for leather dye or a coloring agent I can use for my seats-the drivers side bolster is in need of attention.40th anniv. ruby red.Thanks and keep on wavin':w
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    Start problem revisited

    A few weeks ago I posted this problem and thought ,as did many ,that heat was the problem-nope not the problem.Heres what happens:Everything works but the key will not turn the engine over,neither key.until it feels like it.I've tried disconnecting the battery but the only thing that seems to...
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    Hi people I'm having a similiar problem -Like Jedi-but a little different.After driving a while and shutting off the engine,not always but maybe 3 out of 5 times,the starter won't work. By not working I mean it will not even act like I turned the key-nothing,no click click,no hum no nothing BUT...
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    cats are smelly

    My '93 has 140k miles and there is an oder that tells me the cats are done.My question is:besides the legallity,what would be the problems in removing them?-Back pressure?-noise? thanks Dennis :w
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    Loose Top?

    Hi guys and gals -took off my roof,not the glass one,to go cruising the other day and when I replaced it- it rattles like it's not screwd in tight.Checked it and rechecked it but it actually feels like the panel has come loose from it's frame and rattles when I hit bumps in the road -can the...
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    dimmer switch keeps dimming

    As soon as i turn on my lights my interior lights go off.I can sometimes turn the sliding part up and down and put tension on it to make them work or push down hard on the main knob to get them to work but usually the first bump in the road cancels that.Does any one know if the only recourse is...
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    remote for '93 ?

    Hi people-does anyone know of an after- market or GM set-up for a keyless entry system.My 40th anniv. came with almost all the options but this one.I really miss this system as I had it on my '97 & '99.I do need one with REALLY good instructions as when it come to electronics I'm a dope.Thanks...
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    steering columb help

    Well i finally got the water pump and opti crap back on and the ol'girl is runnin fine thanks for everyones help-On my way to the store last night i turned my wipers on to wash the windshield and they wouldn't shut off.checked all the usual stuff and lo and behold the switch inside the column is...
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    need help with balancer

    hi people-what is the best and safest way to stop the balancer pulley from moving when trying to loosen it? I got the car trailored back home and am now in the process of changing the h2o pump and the opti-thanks dennis :w
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    my car just quit on the freeway--help!!!

    hi people need some ideas here before i talk to the dealer in the morning.Just filled up with amaco premium,driving home from Atlanta <after a beach boys concert.Cruisin' down the interstate at 75mph with the cruise on.Passing a semi and all of a sudden I loose power,car bogs down, then back up...
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    warning buzzer/signal help

    It seems my warning signal/alert thing has gone south.I get no warnings that my lights have been left on or i left the keys in the ignition ect.. you know that annoying thing.does anyone know if they are all connected together and where the thing is located?I've left my fog lights on twice now...
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    shocks and brakes???

    My '93 LT1 has KYB gas shocks and the car really rides hard IE: every bump in the road comes up and bites my butt-kinda feels like I'm riding on concrete tires.She does handle great runs true and straight as an arrow.I'd like to soften the ride.All the bushings are in very good shape- no cracks...
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