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    Battery problems

    I have a 4 month old better in my 2003 Z06 and have not started the car for 2 weeks. When I went to start it it would not turn over but the lights worked. Then I had it jumped but all I gotr was click click click. Afer he left the charger on the car it started and went to 14 volts before going...
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    Another hud question on my 03 z06

    I ordered a used hud with car that had 8 k miles on it. But my problem is, the mirror is not broken the motor goes up and down and the hud light comes on for 1 second when turning ignition key. Could it just be the dimmer switch or is it better to change it all out. Does the entire dash have to...
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    Heads up Display

    My Hud went out 2 days ago and the motor works and when I turn the key to on position without starting it the light comes on for 1 second then goes out. Could it be the dimmer switch or the entire unit? I know it would not be to hard to put the dimmer switch in but I ave the chance to get a...
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    I had a new sony radio and cd player put into my 03 Z06. And it played fine but now on all stations and even the CD player I am getting a buzzing sound. What could be the problem? Thank You
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    oil filler cap

    I am having a hard time getting oil filler cap off. Any one know why?
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    Oil Onsumption 2003 z06

    On my computer I got a reading of low oil. I got home it was down 1/4 to 1/2 quart. Is this normal? I have a crate motor and have the LS7 pistons. I have about 2 k miles on her and was wondering if this is normal. Here is what my engine is. I was told to use redline 10w 30 synthetic FORGED 383...
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    Help! exhaust extender plate

    I just ordered an exhaust extender plate for my 03 Z06. How easy are they to put on? any screws or is it tape. Not sure but it is the smaller size. Thanks:w
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    Question: Radio for 04 Z06

    Was looking to change out my stock radio in my Z06 2004 for an after market. I wonder if there are any radios with the flip out screen that wil fit my 04. Also with the flip out screen will that block the AC? Any advice on what kind of touch screen radio that will fit my ride would be appreciated:w
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    Question: 2003 Corvette Z06 Rear dressup plate

    I was thinking of getting the rear dressup plate that goes between the exhaust tips. They have a small size and a larger size Was wondering witch one would you choose and anyone here have a picture with one on their car? Thanks:w
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    Window Regulators

    I just put a new power window regualtor on my 2003 Z06. They come to your home and install the item here in Florida. If any one needs their number between Tampa and naples email me. Total cost for Delco regulator with motor and instal was $376 dollars compared to what Dealerships wanted. :thumb
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    replacing rear licence plate light 2003 corvette

    Any help would be appreciated. Trying to figure out how to change the bulb since I do not have the owners manual:happyanim:
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    Question: Interesting interior 2003-4 Z06

    While going through another site, I found 2003 and 2004 Corvette Z06. there were only 701 interiors with the torch red and black interior. Can some one verify this. Also I know Z06 2003 had the Zl6 engine but mine was swapped for a new 383 stroker with FORGED 383 STOKER with a forged Lunati...
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    New paint

    My 2003 Corvette Z06 was painted a week ago and was told I can use instant detailer on it to keep little dust off of the car. My question is I know Meguiars and Mothers has instant detailer, but I have been using surf city instant detailer that has a little carnuba in it. Can I use that on paint...
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    Battery problems.

    Ok car is in paint shop and has only been started twice to move around, painter takes off negative terminal then later puts it back on. Had to jump start car.Car ran fine. Then he undoes negative again and same thing. Battery shows charge and alternator is good and battery 1 year old. What could...
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    Paint Bubbles

    I noticed on my 2003 Z06 some paint bubbles on the rear deck. Was told GM will not replece the deck. I am having the car repainted and the painter said it was something about the chemicals or fiberglss. Hesaid he is going to ground it down before repainting. Will that solve the problem? Has any...
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    satellite radio or mp3 player

    On my center console, I have a usb cable and the guy who owned the vette before I bought it had his phone hooked up on there to listen to music. I was thinking of an MP 3 player and down load my 50 and 60's rock. Since he has that cable, does the radio in that car have an auxillary so I can play...
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    Finally got a newer Corvette

    My last post I posted the story about the Z06 I bought after owning a bunch of Corvettes then sold my 66 to pay off my home. Anyway got a 2003 Z06 and now happy again. About myself, 66 years old recycled teenager with a man cave that has nothing but Corvette Diecasts neon corvette stuff and...
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    2003 Corvette Z06

    After having at leaast 11 Corvettes in my life time, 4 73s 6 77s my last one a 1966. I sold the 66 to pay off my home 15 years ago and was sad. Guess when I would sit in my corvette man cave I would be unhappy. But I just got a 2003 Z06 with the black and red interior and heads up. The person...
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