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    63 VIN 30867s114649, looking for currrent owner

    I have info for the current owner of the Corvette VIN listed in subject line.
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    72 LT-1 Valve cover part numbers

    My local Chevy garage can't seem to find the part numbers for the 72 Vette LT-1 aluminum valve covers. Can anyone provide them to me? Also the part numbers for the decal that goes on one of them and the rubber oil plug? Thanks Ol Blue
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    Who has best Reproduction radiator supports

    Hi all I stopped working on my daughter's 72 LT-1 Convert to work on some metal cars and am now just getting back to it. The existing radiator support has several really weak places on it and I was thinking of buying a reproduction unit. Can anyone tell me where they bought theirs and how...
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    Spindlenut cotter pin alignment question

    After setting up the wheel bearings sometime ago, (.002) I'm just now getting back to working on my daughters car. When I torqued the spindle nut to 100lbs, the cotter pin won't go in. See first picture. On this spindle there is only one place for the pin to go instead of two like on the other...
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    I have info on VIN # 194376S120259

    If the current owner of this red 66 coupe is out there somewhere. The person that bought the car in 1970 paid $1,795 for it in 1970 still has the title application, registrations, and original owners manual. Ol Blue PS He sold it in 1973 for $2,500, that buyer sold it the next day for $3,500
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    Rubber Gas tank liners

    I was reading the May issue of Hemmings and noticed an advertisement for Rubber Gas Tank liners. It was advertised as a do-it-yourself with their advice. I don't need one but I've seen some posts wondering how a person could replace the liners on 78-82 gas tanks so I thought I'd post this. Buyer...
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    72 LT-1 AC paperwork

    I've been going through a bunch of paperwork trying to create a filing system on a per car basis so I can more easily find things. While doing that I've found a copy of a piece of paper that says it's a Corvette Order Copy (tank sticker?) for a white 72 LT-1 coupe with AC. The only part of the...
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    78 Silver Anniversary paperwork

    I've been going through a bunch of paperwork trying to create a filing system on a per car basis so I can more easily find things. While doing that I've found a copy of the dealer copy of the window sticker/shipping invoice for a 78 Silver Anniversary VIN 1Z87L8S402164. If anyone reading this...
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    Grand Sport 003 Re-Creation

    Seeing the post on the Ebay GS replica reminded me of the "Duntov Lightweight" Grand Sport I saw at the Sebring HSR Enduro a few weeks ago. You can have a roller for $82,600 or a complete car with an aluminum big block delivered to the track of your choice for $150,000. This car is extremely...
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    Need laquer paint

    I need to do some touch up on my Silver 65. Does anyone have a line of where to get laquer paint or is it impossible to find? Thanks Ol Blue
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    Carbon Fiber for Z06???

    Anyone near West Jordan UT that could check out MacLEan Quality Composites to see if they are manufacturing carbon fiber parts for the 2005 Z06?? This article http://www.autofieldguide.com/articles/080306.html indicates there "might" be more coming after making the Z06 LeMans commemorative...
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    Help - Differential axle yoke end play specs?

    Can anyone direct me to a place that gives proper specifications on the end play for axle yokes in a 68/69 differential? Mine seem sloppy after a rebuild, but I can't find specs in any of my manuals to refute the rebuilders job. Thanks Ol Blue
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    Rear wheel bearing setup

    My memory is failing me a bit. Several years ago I purchased a tool to set up rear wheel bearings off the spindles. I can't remember if they were supposed to be set up dry to get the proper clearances, or set up greased. I believe when doing in on the spindles the book says to have them...
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    I need Corvette plexiglas headlight covers for 68

    I need the passenger side, but would be interested in either side if available. I only have drivers side plexiglas headlight cover that was available from GM in the late 60's and 70's. Does anyone know of a plastics mfg that could reproduce them from NOS ones? Also could use the black plastic...
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