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    40th Anniversary For Sale:

    40th Anniversary Varsity Jacket with leather sleeves, Large in like new condition. Will e-mail you a picture. $95.00 plus shipping. Will include two 40th hat pins.
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    Tires for sale

    I have one Left Front 245/40ZR-18 Goodyear F1 and two Rear 285/35ZR-19 Goodyear F1 that I would like to sale. They have 9500 miles on them. Very good tread left. I will take any offers.
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    40th Anniversary 40th Collectables II

    I have the following 40th collectables F/S: 1) Dana Forrester print of 40th coupe, signed, oak/glass framed 2) 40th Varsity jacket, Large, leather sleeves 3) 40th Hat pins (2) I can e-mail pictures if interested.
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    WTB: 2007 GM Service Manuals

    I am looking for a used set of 2007 GM service manuals. Quote me a price.
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    Oil Catch Can

    I am new to the C6 corvette. How important is it to install an oil catch can to the LS2 engine?
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    Looking for 77 Vette

    I am looking for the current owner of an orange 1977 corvette Vin: 1Z37X7S426362. I owned the car for 10 years-between 1985-1995. I have several papers about the history of the car and work that was done on the car. Maybe the current owner would be interested in this information.
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    Power window

    The passenger side power window on my 93 works SOME of the time. I have taken off the door panel to look for a loose connection and cannot find anything. When it works, both switches will work and when it does not work, neither switch will power the window. When it works, the motor seems to...
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    Power window

    Passenger side power window on a '93 works SOME of the time. Any suggestions? I have taken off the door panel and find no loose connections. When it won't work, neither switch will work. When it does work, both switches work the window and the motor seems to power the window very well. Does seem...
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    1999 Corvette

    Can anyone give me the pros/cons on the 1999 Corvette Conv. What problems have shown up from this year, etc.
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    2001 Corvette

    Has anyone had a problem with a 2001 Corvette using excessive amounts of oil? I have heard that they came with bad rings. Any truth to this?
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