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    Help! Hard shift 5-6 and reverse

    Hi Guys, I purchased this C7 in 2017 with 8K miles on it. I flew from NY to Kentucky to pick up and drive back. When I got into the car it was very hard to move the shifter to the right and push up into 7th. Also xtremely hard putting moving to the right to get into reverse. Although very hard...
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    Tire change shop long island?

    Bought a set of 4 tires from tire rack. They suggested a firestone shop to install these new 285/45/17 and 245/40/17. When I called firestone they said no problem. When i got there there was a visiting manager from another firestone shop and he said they would not do the job because of the size...
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    Question: Tires mix and match all seasons?

    Please don't hate me but I will be driving my 94 in light ny snow this year. Right now i have the original tires on the car. FRONT 255/45/17 and REAR 285/40/17 $500 snows for the back are no longer available this year. Not that I would buy them anyway. I have narrowed it down to 2 choices...
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