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  1. SANOLS1

    Old age?

    Well, it’s been seven years since I bought my 2004 coupe and it is finally starting to show its age. There are two things that are starting to annoy me. The first is a nasty rattle coming from somewhere around the windshield defrost outlet. The rattle is only heard at low rpm grunt power, like...
  2. SANOLS1

    Passenger Window Intermittent

    I came home from a trip and the wife had thrown a towel over the pax window while parked in the garage. She said she couldn’t get the window to go back up. She mentioned that it had happened once before and she slammed the door (gently) and it worked. I came home and tried and sure enough, it...
  3. SANOLS1

    New Buzz/Hum under dash

    I've had my C5 A-4 for a couple of years now and I am noticing a hum after starting. It only last about 30~45 seconds then it stops. It sounds like it is coming from the left of the steering column under the dash somewhere. I seem to recall something about this in a thread a year or so ago but I...
  4. SANOLS1

    Now that you've had your Supercharger a while

    I’m wondering if those of you who have installed a Supercharger over the past few years have any horror stories or comments about them. In particular, has any one experienced problems with engine longevity, A4 transmission or rear end problems, irregular belt replacements or complications that...
  5. SANOLS1

    Loud POP!

    Lately I've noticed that my car is making an awful loud POP! The kicker is I notice it a couple of hours after driving it while it sits in my garage. It sounds like someone is shooting an old oil can with a high powered pellet gun. I will hear it once, twice and occasionally a third time within...
  6. SANOLS1

    Drive line insertion.

    I hope someone here can answer this question. What is the typical insertion measurement for the forward yoke (splined) end of the driveshaft into the transmission/transfer case. I just lifted my Silverado and I want to be sure I have enough spline engagement to be safe. It's an 03 1/2 ton 4WD...
  7. SANOLS1

    Rear Tires, Is it just me?

    I just put new rear tires on my 2004 A4 with only 15K miles on it. The center of the tires was nearly worn flat while the outboard sides were just about to the wear indicators. I've never done a burnout :lou and only had the car sideways twice. The front tires look like they are nearly new. The...
  8. SANOLS1

    I saw this today and am wondering if it's for real?

    I saw this today and am wondering if it is for real? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Chevrolet-Corvette-67-TANKER-1of-1-L-88-427-560hp-36gal-HERE-IT-IS_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ6168QQitemZ4581027348QQrdZ1#mainImage :W
  9. SANOLS1

    Finally got er done

    6 Months after moving into my new home, I finally got the carpet and glue off the garage floor that the previous owner had installed.:r A little concrete grinding, industrial sealer, 6 layers of epoxie and 2 coats of urethane later I now have a place to relax and enjoy. :D Just added a new...
  10. SANOLS1

    Speedometer accuracy?

    I’m just wondering if anyone else has noticed a deviation with their speedometer versus the Head Up Display and the DIC message when Cruise is set. Lately I’ve noticed that my speedometer reads about 1.5 mph slower than the HU display. To top it off the other day I was cruising at 74mph...
  11. SANOLS1

    New Brake Rotors

    I recently installed a new Baer Eradi Speed+1 Rotor Package-2pc. Fr/2pc. Rr brake rotors on my 04 coupe. I just didn’t like the look of the rear wheels with those small disks and thought the larger ones filled the wheel and added a nicer look to the car with the drilled and slotted disks. The...
  12. SANOLS1

    C5 Polished Rims Cleaning tip

    I know I have seen a few threads in here discussing what a pain it is to clean those polished rims. After I took my wheels off to give them a thorough cleaning and wax job a month ago, I have had no problem keeping them clean and shiny. The hot tip is the (Swiffer). I'm sure everyone has seen it...
  13. SANOLS1

    Pedal Kits

    OK I'm a new guy, Ive read every thread I could find with the Keyword pedal and I haven't found what I was hoping for yet. I'm one of those tall guys (6'5") who squeezes into my new 04 coupe. I can manage to get comfortable and I love the car. The only clearance problem I have is the button on...
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