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    02 Torch Red

    Selling my '02 Torch Red Coupe. MN6, Equip Group 2 (HUD, Fog lamps, memory pkg, etc), polished wheels, dual roof panels, 12 disc cd, performance handling pkg, BSM. Extended warranty thru GMPP - 60,000 - 5/10/08. Car is in excellent condition. Have window sticker, build sheet, vcr tape, etc...
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    C6 in Strip Mall lot

    Went to the movies with my girls today and parked next to a beautiful C6. I figured I'd park my Suburban on one side so he / she only had to worry about the front & other side! The car parked in front of it was right on the front end of the Vette.:mad Why would anyone park a brand spanking...
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    Interesting 97 Vette!

    How & why would something like this be for sale??? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2410040482&category=6763
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    Hard wire Escort 8500

    Alright, I know it isn't a big deal, but I just fininshed hard wiring my radar detector. It sure did feel good to do it myself. It wasn't hard to do. The hardest part was getting under the dash to the footwell and splicing wires; guess the ol body isn't as nimble as it used to be! . ;LOL ;LOL
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    John Lingenfelter UPDATES

    Ligenfelter Didn't see this posted anywhere. If it ia already here, sorry.... Lingenfelter to undergo surgery Monday by Phil Burgess, NHRASportCompact.com 10/28/02 Pro driver John Lingenfelter, severely injured in a racing accident in Sunday's semifinal round, will undergo surgery Monday...
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    NCM Build Sheet vs. Window Sticker

    Question: I just received my laminated build sheet, laminated window sticker, black book, etc..... Why is the price on the laminated window sticker different than the actual window sticker?? The following are the discrepancies: base price 41680 vs 41005, eq. grp #2 2750 vs. 2700, wheels...
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    Museum & GM Assembly Plant

    I was down in Nashville & Chattanooga on business Wed, Thur, and Friday. I was lucky and smart enough to get up to Bolwing Green to the NCM & Assembly Plant. WOW!!! I am so glad I made the time to get there. I thought the Museum was full of neat history, info and things to look at. A must...
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    Radar Detector

    Time has come for a radar detector. The $1,000,000 question: Valentine 1 or Escort 8500?? About a $100 difference in price; $399 for V1 vs. $299 Escort. Can you "hardwire" both or only V1? How difficult is it to do? I tried to look up some info under the search heading, didn't find...
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    Test Picture

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    Brake Dust

    I'm sure many of you may find humor in this question, but.... How do you prevent some of the brake dust on the wheels? My '02 has high polished wheels and it doesn't matter how long or short i drive, I always have a fairly heavy build up of brake dust. Is this common? Is this a forever...
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    Extened Warranty

    I'm sure that this has been discussed in the past, however.... I would like some feedback on extended warranties. I will be picking up my new '02 in a few weeks and I am looking for recommendations; GM, aftermarket, etc.. Deductable- zero, $100, $200, etc... Mileage / years 5yr / 60,000...
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