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  1. vettered91

    My Vette Vs Grand National (Video and questions)

    Last November I'd change the cam, springs, and did a home porting job to my Vette. My ET was before that swap 14.8 almost every time with street tires at 20psi, launching at idle (I did not have traction). The local Racetrack is at 5200 ft altitude. Last December 17th I went to test the new...
  2. vettered91

    Callaway Super Natural Cam?

    A few weeks ago I saw these in e-bay: corvette callaway supernatural cam & springs 350 callaway nos supernatural cam & springs This auction is for a nos Callaway cam, comp valve springs and lube. Made for a Callaway Supernatural Corvette. The SN's were a high performance car built by...
  3. vettered91

    What if I just disconnect the EGR & AIR Systems in my LT1?

    I think since I took off the cats in my LT1 auto, I bought a one way ticket with no return into the no EGR & AIR Systems. Because after that, I'd put the long tube headers without the EGR connections. (they came without those little tubes) "Easy, I'll fix it latter" I thought, but days and...
  4. vettered91

    Best way to adjust fuel pressure

    Best way to adjust fuel pressure? I just put on an adjustable fuel pressure regulator and I would like to know wich pressure should I take in consideration: 1.- With the vacuum hose conected (42 psi) 2.- Without the vacuum on (47 psi) Also is there any advices-coments to find the best...
  5. vettered91

    ¿Hypertech Programmer & Tuning Module?

    Hi there! This morning arrived home for my LT1 94 one Power Programmer that was lost somewhere in the border and I thought it was lost forever and a Power Tuning Module that I bought from ebay. ¿Can I use both at the same time? ¿Any ideas? ¿Should I send one to the attic? ¿If I can use both...
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