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  1. Gdad45

    Right Sport Seat is POSSESSED!

    Sitting in the car alone, engine off, key in acc, listening to the radio, rain coming down steady. Hear a hum. The right seat is moving forward. Went all the way forward and then sat and clicked trying to go further. Have had the car for about one year. Never saw this before. Reached over and...
  2. Gdad45

    Service column lock !

    Filled up with gas yesterday and couldn't leave the pump! Moved the steering wheel just a bit before turning the key (apparently has the new lock plate installed, never locks). Immediately got a WAIT 10 SECONDS and then SERVICE COLUMN LOCK. Had the car a year and put 13,000 miles on it with no...
  3. Gdad45

    Put on new balancer, but now code C1288. Steering sensor

    Well, changing the harmonic balancer was quite a chore, but that's done. No more squeaks from the rubber and no more wobble. Belt runs straight. LONG road test was awesome. (Had one come apart on my 95 Impala at 45mph) HOWEVER, the steering wheel got turned significantly while disconnected from...
  4. Gdad45

    Clutch Pedal Stays Down

    I too have a stuck pedal. Backed out of the driveway nine days ago 20 Jan (5 am, 32deg) into the street. Just putzin along with low rev (2000) easy shifts. Got into fourth and the pedal stayed down. I can pop it back to the top with my toe, but no matter where the pedal is, the clutch will not...
  5. Gdad45

    Too Loud( BORLA catback) and Too Shiny (FOOS wheels)

    My convertible is fitted with FOOS wheels, 19s & 20s, with Falkens and Continentels. Perfect shape, lots of tread, but I'd prefer stock tire/wheel assemblies. It has A BORLA ATAK catback system that's fairly new. Too loud for me. I'd prefer factory exhaust. Takers? Even swaps.
  6. Gdad45

    More headlight fun

    I don't think I have mechanical issues, but electrical gremlins. 1. With Twilight Sentinal OFF the headlights open and close - sometimes - when switch is turned to headlight position but lights do not turn on - sometimes. 2. With headlight doors opened manually lights will not come on -...
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