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  1. C-3_Joshua

    Help! Turn signals, Hazards, break lights, and cigarette lighter are out.

    Turn signals, Hazards, break lights, and cigarette lighter are all not working all of a sudden. They were working just fine then I noticed the cigarette light went out, then the turn signal then the brake lights. All fuses seem to be okay and I replaced the flasher 552. I just had the wiring...
  2. C-3_Joshua

    Question: '82 Electrical & Tranmission Schizophrenia

    Hi thanks so much for your help! My car is a 1982 Standard T-Top, automatic transmission. The following symptoms are all occurring at once so I'm wondering if they are related or if they are independent. 1) Temperature, Oil Pressure and Battery gauges seem to be on the fritz. They rise and...
  3. C-3_Joshua

    Question: 1982 Windshield Wiper Reservoir Replacement

    Hello! I'm finally back on this site after buying my corvette at the end of last summer. It's been AMAZING! Thank you all for your help as I was purchasing it. Right now I need some assistance please: I need to replace the reservoir for my windshield wiper fluid and can't find a walk through...
  4. C-3_Joshua

    Question: Buying First Corvette! What to look for?/Speedo Question.

    I'm buying my first corvette at the end if this month... A '79-'82 C-3 of course! I've narrowed it down to three cars and will be test driving them within the next two weeks. I've been all over this sight and done as much research as I think I can do. I'm very excited. I have the check list...
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