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  1. BlueL36

    Help ID Master Cylinder

    I'm trying to determine if a master cylinder I have is correct for my '68 w/ PB. It was in a box with some other parts I got when I bought her some years back. I know that the MC presently bolted on is not original. The casting number is 5460346 (or, if my old eyes didn't quite get it right...
  2. BlueL36

    BGold pics- Modded C3

    Here are some pics of a modded C3 that was parked on the course at Bloomington Gold over the weekend. Bet it runs nicely
  3. BlueL36

    A few more Bloomington Gold pics

    Tom73 posted some great pictures and I thought I post some that I took until the camera batteries died during the Road Tour staging. These are of the daily admission parking for just Corvettes. http://members.aol.com/bluel36/images/lot1.jpg http://members.aol.com/bluel36/images/lot2.jpg...
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