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  1. paz72vette

    Question: 1972 Build Sheet Options

    I have the following info typed on my build sheet. Any clue what they mean? I had to read them from the back side as the front was unreadable. 2VC05AA 2VPG2HU 2VC32EA 2VK19AK 2VL25AA 2VC07AA Many Thanks Vito
  2. paz72vette

    Question: Power Steering Pump Pulley

    I am doing a conversion to P/S on a 72. On the pulley center section where it goes onto the pump it is offset. Which way is offset? I have the 2 groove cast iron pulley. Offset to the radiator or to the Pump? Many thanks Cheers Vito
  3. paz72vette

    Question: Muncie vs BW ST-10 Linkage hook up

    Does anyone have a picture of what the linkage looks like for a BW 4-speed? Is it the same as the muncie? The AIM only states 64-81 4-speed, Not muncie or BW. Not sure if they are the same or different. The linkage is different, not to sure of the hook-up. Many thanks Vito
  4. paz72vette

    Question: Rear Diff Cross Member

    What is the trick to remove the rear diff cross member? I have everything off exect the diff carrier. I removed both bolts on both sides. It came down about 1/4" and stuck. I applied break free over night and this morning. Nota. There is nothing else. I have it attached to a cherry picker with a...
  5. paz72vette

    Name this wire

    Question of the day. I found a wire taped to the drivers side windshield pillar. About 16" long and about 24 gage with black covering. What is it? Is it used to remove the windshield? ;shrug
  6. paz72vette

    Question: Protecto Plate Decifering Help Wanted

    I got the protecto plate with my car. Does anyone know what it means? 1Z67W2S506491 T1030CSR P2MO4 AAW227E C 3 K Also the car is a 1972 and on the plate it states 11-22-71 Is it a 1972 built in 1971? Many thanks Cheers Vito
  7. paz72vette

    Question: Speedometer

    What year did the corvette start using both MPH and KMH on the face of the speedometer? and What year did the corvette which to the sporty outside rear mirrors? many thanks cheers vince
  8. paz72vette

    Question: 72 LS-5 Engine Replacement Project

    72 LS-5 Engine Rebuild/Replacement Project All, I am thinking of rebuilding my LS-5. My cousins are talking me out of it and telling me to replace it with modern technology. New vs Old? pro vs cons? ;shrug The newer vettes run like a vette should. thankz paz
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