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  1. Sensei

    1981 Service/Repair literature for sale

    As you guys know, I lost my baby recently. I did all the work that was ever done on the car myself, so I had a fairly extensive library of manuals. Here is what I have available: I have the following general C3 repair manuals for sale: Haynes '68-'82 Corvette: a bit greasy but complete and...
  2. Sensei

    My heartbreak. Please come in.

    This past weekend while I was out of town, my Vette was stolen and totaled. They slammed the left front wheel into a cement post, shattering the wheel and left front fender and breaking the frame just ahead of the motor mount. I am heartbroken. I bought it about 9 years ago and have gone...
  3. Sensei

    Naming my Vette

    You guys that have names for your rides have me thinking. I just call it the Vette. Gail, Black Dog, Rare, etc. So what do I call mine? It runs great but needs carpet, seat covers and paint (badly). So I was thinking, "Old Ugly"? No, that's what they call my gun! Crusty? The paint is peeling off...
  4. Sensei

    Loud Knock!

    Okay, I need some ideas. I have not driven my car much for the last month or so because it has developed an extreme knock. It is very loud and solid, like it's about to throw a rod, but it only happens at very low RPMs. When it first starts, it will make this banging racket for about a second...
  5. Sensei

    C4 AC blower in an '81

    Okay, so I saw a thread on this subject on another forum and thought, Hmmm, C4 blower motor for better AC flow, sounds like a winner (I live in Florida where the AC needs all the help it can get). Then I go out to my car to go to work... no AC fan. Talk about timing! So I go to Autozone where a...
  6. Sensei

    Those with Modified Engines and Original Carb

    In case anyone is interested, I am building a high performance E4ME Quadrajet (Computer controlled) and am looking for someone interested in using it on their modified engine. A 383 would be nice, but a really stout 350 would be okay too. I am not looking to make money on this, but would need to...
  7. Sensei

    Does your parking brake work?

    The reason I am asking is because I'm thinking of removing mine. It has to be adjusted to where it will not stop the car or it drags. Even then, if someone pulls the lever, it will drag until I re-adjust it. Lately, my gas milage and performance have not been up to par, and it seems that the...
  8. Sensei


    Yesterday I was driving and my alternator belt bit the big one and took the other belts with it. I got it home and this morning went out to replace the belts. The engine was a bit dirty so I cleaned it first (Simple green and a hose, dried it with compressed air), then I replaced the belts. I...
  9. Sensei

    '81 CCC Performance and Timing

    Okay, so Big Bird challenged me a while back about performance with the CCC system. I have done a fair amount of performance mods to my car. While it is not a race car (that was not my goal) it is pretty satisfying when you floor it. I am using the hypertech thermomaster chip. I have used a...
  10. Sensei

    Letters From BUBBA

    Hello all! I just made my first performance mod on my recently purchased 1981 Corvette and wanted to share the moment with you. Everybody knows what dogs these cars are for performance, and the computer is the culprit, so I got rid of it. While it doesn’t really feel any faster, it’s definitely...
  11. Sensei

    My two deepest C3 pains

    Well I'm not sure if I'm asking for advise here or just venting. Don't get me wrong, I love my '81. It's not too pretty (needs paint bad), but it runs like the wind. Well anyway, here are the two most frustrating problems I have. The first will probably manifest itself in a major way eventually...
  12. Sensei

    let's use our forum more!

    It seems that our forum is falling into disuse. Having an '81 specific forum is a great resourse. We need to support it! I think '81ers start using other forums (including the CAC C3 tech) for '81 specific questions because they need an answer sooner than this slow moving forum will give. I have...
  13. Sensei

    '81 th350c tranny w/ torque converter

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1981-Corvette-TH350C-Transmission-with-Torque-Converter_W0QQitemZ250108265280QQihZ015QQcategoryZ33727QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem God bless, Sensei
  14. Sensei

    Jumpy tach and miss

    My car, with stock '81 CCC ignition + an MSD 6a box has developed an intermittent miss, accompanied by the tachometer needle jumping erratically. It will run fine sometimes, then the tach starts jumping (bouncing upward, not cutting out) and the car feels like it is running on 7 cylinders, then...
  15. Sensei

    '81 E4ME MC solenoid color?

    I just looked at Gedmeyer's carb pictures and noticed the MC solenoid connector was blue. Mine is black and I figured all '81 Vettes had the black connector. The blue seems to be much more common and I understand that the difference is not just cosmetic. When did they change, or which ones had...
  16. Sensei

    Gymkana suspension/ rear sway bar?

    I have an '81 automatic with metal leaf springs in the rear. The car has always handled particularly well, and I have read that the '81s came with fiberglass springs unless they had manual transmission or gymkana suspension. Since I have an auto trans, I assumed I had the gymkana suspension...
  17. Sensei

    Rebuild power steering control valve?

    The power steering control valve on my '81 is leaking fluid where the pitman arm connects. I found a rebuild kit for $10. Is this an easy and reliable rebuild, or would I be better off buying the valve already rebuilt ($120). I am fairly mechanically inclined and do most of my own repairs and...
  18. Sensei

    anyone running 700r4 with stock '81 rear gears?

    With overdrive as such a popular mod, I was wondering what the result was like with the '81's highway rear gearing (around 2.8). I am thinking of doing this in the future and actually am leaning toward the 2004r, but am pretty sure I would need to change the rear gearing to be able to use it...
  19. Sensei

    fiberglass t-top adjustment

    Can anyone tell me the proper height in relationship to the roof for fiberglass tops on a late model c3. I have an '81 that came stock with glass t-tops. I have the GM service manual and assembly manual that explain adjustment parameters for the glass tops. After breaking a couple of sets of...
  20. Sensei

    Attention all with flat tappet cams

    I'm sure alot of you may already be aware of this, but I am surprised by how many people, even full time mechanics that pride themselves on keeping up to date that have not heard yet. The EPA recently required oil companies to remove the zinc from motor oils as it damages catalytic converters...
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