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  1. 96gs917

    Scores of new chevys stored for decades

    I came across this story on yahoo today. There is a 1978 Corvette among these cars that has 2 mile on it. Some of these cars are probably worth much more today then when they dealer put them away. I hope this link works. Check it out. Yahoo!
  2. 96gs917

    96 Rear Suspension Noise

    I took my 96 polo green LT4 out over the weekend for the first time in a few months. She fired right up on the first crank, let her warm up a few minutes, then took off for a 30 minute cruise to nowhere. (Love that Corsa) As I was driving I could here the suspension in the rear make a noise...
  3. 96gs917

    Corvette Magazine, June'13 issue Page 47.

    There is a very interesting article in the latest issue of Corvette Magazine (June "13) concerning the C4's significance in Corvette history. It covers all C4's, and has some great pictures of a nice Grand Sport Coupe. That beautiful example happens to be GS#917 owned and operated by yours...
  4. 96gs917

    New Member

    Greeting everyone I just wanted to say hello after recently joining the site. I have been visiting this site for a while and I figured it was time to join. I currently own a pair of C4's, a 96 polo green LT4, and Grand Sport # 917. My polo green LT4 was featured in the September '12 issue...
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