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  1. FactoryC3

    Question: Electric fuel pump on stock 81 Vette

    I just finished the update with my fuel flow. I removed the sending unit/pick up. I did not have to drop the tank but it was tight. I attached photos of the filter sock. You couldn’t see any light through it at all. Thanks for your help. Car run stronger and fuel pressure is stable.
  2. FactoryC3

    Question: Electric fuel pump on stock 81 Vette

    Has anyone installed an electric fuel pump to stock fuel lines under 81 tank? Will the fuel feed strong enough? My feed seems erratic and slow viewing the clear filter before a Holley MitiMite. think it may be a partial plugged tank sending unit filter/strainer? Filter bowl empties and...
  3. FactoryC3

    AIR tube at catalytic converter

    I am seeing most high flow cats do not require the air tube when shopping to replace my 1981 Corvette CAT. Can the AIR line at the stock converter be capped off safely?
  4. FactoryC3

    AIR tube at cat converter

    When changing the cat, can the AIR line be plugged or will the pump be damaged> New cats do not have air tube access points.
  5. FactoryC3

    MSD Atom EFI

    Has anyone out there modified their 1981 to EFI? How did it interact with the factory ECM? Can parts of the ECM functions be unhooked and handled by the EFI controls? The MSD Atom 2900 carries a C.A.R.B. EO # D-722 number and may be legal to install. Atomic 2900 Atomic EFI Master Kit...
  6. FactoryC3

    Vapor lock is back.....

    Vapor lock came back...Adding electric fuel pump and return line regulator...Dealer analyzed. See this link for reliable info on vapor lock. Ask Away with Jeff Smith: Understanding Vapor Lock--and How You Can Fix It! - OnAllCylinders Will update with outcome.
  7. FactoryC3

    Paint Thickness Tester for Fiberglass Body

    Can anyone help with pointing out a good tester for pain thickness on a corvette?
  8. FactoryC3

    News: Suspected Vapor Lock Problem FINALLY SOLVED

    Vapor lock came back...Adding electric fuel pump and return line regulator...Dealer analyzed. See this link for reliable info on vapor lock. Ask Away with Jeff Smith: Understanding Vapor Lock--and How You Can Fix It! - OnAllCylinders :happyanim:Another success story. Well, Not So Much I had...
  9. FactoryC3

    News: 1981 Factory Oil Pressure Gauge Headache solved

    :happyanim:Some of you may recall my posts regarding problems with my oil pressure reading on my 1981 stock Vette. I want to thank all of you who answered with ideas. Here is the history and a final fix. Installed a new GM Restoration oil pressure gauge and the new one solved a nagging...
  10. FactoryC3

    Question: 1981 mechanical fuel pump ???

    While working on my fuel system, I found that when I disconnected the fuel outlet (to carb) fitting at the pump, a large volume of fuel ran out until I plugged the line from the tank at the inlet side of the pump. Not just what was in carb line, but solid flow. Is this supposed to happen or...
  11. FactoryC3

    1981 vapor lock--electric fuel pump needed???

    I am having problems with vapor lock on my vehicle after driving in warmer weather and parking for a short (20-45 min.) time in the sun, the car starts fine and will drive for about 30 seconds before stalling. No fuel observed from primary jets when actuating the throttle linkage and...
  12. FactoryC3

    Question: Testing a stock 1981 aux cooling fan...

    I am wondering how one could test the proper operation of the aux cooling fan. I cannot recall it ever coming on. Even on hot days.
  13. FactoryC3

    Help! 1981 Oil Pressure Assist Please

    I have a 1981 Corvette. Factory stock. 23,000 true miles. I have had a continuing problem with the oil pressure reading on my car. The problem is that when I first start the engine to idle, the pressure gauge reads a bit below 20. After about 5 minutes, it pops up to just below 40, on its own...
  14. FactoryC3

    Question: 1981 Oil pressure. Bad sender?

    When I start my engine the oil pressure reads just below 40 and in about 1 minute it jumps up over 40 and goest up and down with rpm...buy not over 50. I checked the connection and reseated it but no change. Is it the sending unit?
  15. FactoryC3

    Question: Original 1981 Delco A348C air cleaner

    Does anyone have a picture of the original Delco A348C air filter box (front and back) and filter markings?
  16. FactoryC3

    Question: 1981 pitman arm bushing or no bushing?

    Is there supposed to be a bushing on the steering box shaft above the pitman arm? (with Power Steering) See photo
  17. FactoryC3

    Chirping from engine area 1981 Auto in reverse under load

    I noted a high pitch chirping from the engine area when auto trans is in reverse. No noise until I put it under load. No noise in neutral of forward gears. Any ideas?::ohnoes
  18. FactoryC3

    Question: 1981 Corvette T-Tops--Repair? Replace?? Keep Originals?

    My question is in reference to my breaking the original drivers side t top glass on my 1981 corvette. I am sure there are a lot of opinions out there but I need a few suggestions. Since the m1131 glass is so rare I bought a new set of tops from Melrose. They fit and look great. If it were you...
  19. FactoryC3

    Wanted--1981 Corvette Drivers side T top-Blue Reflective Glass

    Looking for replacement glass for a 1981 Corvette Blue Reflective Glass T-Top--Drivers side Any ideas where to look?
  20. FactoryC3

    Question: Black St. Louis 1981

    I have a black St. Louis 1981 Coupe. I know that they used lacquer on the St. Louis 81's. My question is did they use clearcoat over the lacquer or is the finish all lacquer? I have a bit of spot work to do and want to know what I am working with. Also, will a random orbit polisher do...
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