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  1. ScottNoxid

    Red 2002 Z06

    Hi Gang, I took a ride down to the Lake of the Ozarks the other day looking for a Red 2002 Z06, and some guy from Colorado beat me to it. They said something about it being involved in some drug runs up from the southwest and I probably wouldn't care for the aroma it emitted from the exhaust...
  2. ScottNoxid

    Question: Passenger Window Stuck in Closed Position

    My 2001 Convert passenger window is stuck in the closed position. How difficult is it to remove the inside panel and how do you do it? From what I have read in the forum it probably is the window regulator, or could it be something else? Any advice is appreciated:ohnoes Sc:Wtt
  3. ScottNoxid

    Question: CTEK Battery Charger

    ;shrugI have a 2001 C5 that I will not be driving until spring, or until my leg gets well enough to use. My question is that I have a CTEK battery charger hooked up and in use on the C5. Can I start the engine to let it run for a while with out unhooking the CTEK? Any experiences with this...
  4. ScottNoxid


    ;shrugOK I have a question for y'all. I have installed a VaraRam air intake and a FAST intake manifold only on my C-5 (2001) MY rocket, since doing so I have noticed when I accelerate from 0 to 60 and beyond and at my shifting point at around 6000 rpm I get a twist and a wobble going from 1st...
  5. ScottNoxid

    New Gas Pedal

    :wHow do you remove the pin on the factory gas pedal? I want to change it to a aluminum one, and I can't even see how the original pin is on there. I bet it will be pretty simple. Thanks:upthumbsScott:beer
  6. ScottNoxid

    Adding Horsepower?

    How much hp do I add if I install a Vararam air intake and Corsca Pace Car exaust? I have a 2001 350ci with 350hp now, and it is all stock no mods including stock exaust.:beerScott
  7. ScottNoxid

    Rear View Mirror Removal

    Howdy all you technical wizards out there.;squint: Anyone know how to remove a Mirror off of the windshield of a C-5?;help I have a new automatic everything mirror I want to replace the stock one with, and all I have to do is remove old one and attach new one.:confused All suggestions will be...
  8. ScottNoxid

    New Kid on the Block, from Mt Vernon, IL

    Hi Gang, just wanted to say:w hello to all you speedballs out there, I am 70 yrs young and finally own my first vette:chuckle Looking forward to pick your brain...:upthumbs
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