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    Wanted: Tire pressure gauge

    Looking for the pencil gauge delivered in owner package for 1995 and/or 1996 Vette. Stores in center console. :thanks: Rob
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    Original 1995 zr-1 rear tires for sale

    Goodyear GS-C 315/35 17 22,000mi 4/32 left on each, even wear. Sidewalls clean. Xlnt condition, no dry rot, look nice. Great for show or NCRS. Date coded Mar '95. Off #386, DOB 4-5-95. NOT for everyday driving due to age. $125 + shipping (est $65)/OBO. Rob
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    For sale: 1996 collector edition lt4

    Super sharp, 32,500mi. Multiple local show awards. Interior, wheels, paint virtually flawless as is dash pad. Firestone Firehawk 275s x 4, xlnt tread. Everything works, no probs w/sound system. LT4 very strong & fast. F45 real time damping suspension. 2 tops, incl blue tint, all tools...
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    Wanted: :license plate cover

    To fit 1996 C4 in Torch Red color. Must in xlnt cond - no work needed. Thx
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    LT4 Engine Light On

    So my LT4 with 15,000 mi threw a fault code P1441 which one source tells me is either a bad purge solenoid or a fuel tank pressure sensor. I picked up a scanner when the light went on & checked online for possible causes. Anyone have any experience with this? Where are these parts located...
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    Original 1996 gs-c tires for sale

    I just purchased a 1996 red/tan vert LT4, 14,500 mi. Since I'm going to have fun with it, I removed the original GS-Cs, but they are in such good condition, I think someone would want them. CAUTION: these are 18 years old and NOT meant for normal use, they should be used for show and NCRS...
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    1996 Questions

    I just got delivery on a red/tan LT4 vert w/14000mi & had some questions. Original GY GSC tires in good shape. The right rear has a "1234" stamp on the sidewall, not from the mold, looks like an add on at GY or BG. It's the onlt tire that has this. Any idea what this is? The original clear...
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    1996 tires

    My "new" '96 is on the way. It's a red/tan LT4 vert w/F45 & has only 14,500 original miles including the original Goodyear GSC tires (255s & 285s) which have plenty of tread & look beautiful. But beauty is only skin deep in the case of 18 year old tires. The Goodyear replacements, Eagle F1...
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    '69 fan clutch noise

    I have a recent "restoration" & the fan clutch is new. It measures 7 1/4" in diameter (not a thermal) with a 7 blade aluminum fan. With the hood open it's like a tornado in my garage. The noise is so loud when driving, the engine, trans, radio are drowned out. Doesn't help I have 4.11s...
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    Changing Rear End - Valuation Issue

    I have a stock '69 350/350 w/4.11s, M21. Case code is correct. Car was so good in all other aspects, felt it was worth it. Car tachs at 3250 rpm @ 65 mph. It is loud & quite frankly, rather limiting in so far as going anywhere on the freeway. I'm in 4th gear at 40 mph, so the shifting is...
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    How to Get Gas in a '69

    I just got my '69 350/350 Silver/red coupe. Went to get gas & found myself looking at that big hole into the gas tank. Never even thought about it before, but the standard gas nozzle was way too small to make a seal to allow gas to be pumped. Tried to slide back the rubber on the nozzle &...
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    Question: My '69 is On the Way - Pedigree Question

    It's on a trailer now, due for SoCal delivery next week. A frame-off silver/red L46 coupe, but there is absolutely no paperwork for any history. Block/trans/carb/alt/ heads/ frame/ rearend 4.11/vin/glass/ all match up (dates & proper parts) & it's presented as matching #/original car. I know I...
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    '65 fuelie unit info

    I'm looking at a '65 fuelie to buy & the Rochester tag on driver side of plenum shows Serial # 1011, Part # 7017380 R. The tag looks like it was made yesterday, it's that perfect. I believe the "R" means "recalibrated" & I know the part # is period correct. What's the deal with the "R?" The...
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    LT4 LT4 - 1st to 4th Gear Shift Fix

    I already have a '96 LT4 coupe, but will be purchasing a vert (10,000mi) that has the factory original shift setting for "emissions"-what a joke. My coupe has the fix & works beautifully. What is the procedure to eliminate this 1st to 4th shift sequence, so it can shift to 2nd without any...
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    Question: No Power? LT4

    Took the car out, turned it off, then tried to start & absolutely no starter sound, total electrical blackout. Open & shut door, nothing. Then turned steering wheel & "played" with ignition & bingo, chimes came on, dash lit up & like nothing was wrong..car started. I'm thinking something to...
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    LT4 Also a New CE LT4 Owner

    Finally made my bucket list - found a coupe w/28000 mi in NH & just brought it out to SoCal. Loaded w/top Bose, damping suspension, low tire pressure monitor, 2 tops. But I have question. We're having a heat wave here (100+) & car is running about 225 coolant temp, even at night. Is that...
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