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    Tire fitment - HELP

    I have a set of after market rims that came off of my 89 Corvette. The rears have a set of 315 x 17's that fit under my wheelwell fine. (The rims may be the same offset as the GS but I just can't remember.) I have a potential buyer who has an 87 Corvette. We need to know if they will fit his...
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    Offset on 87 and 89 Corvette?

    I have a set of rims and tires that fit on my 89 Corvette. They are aftermarket rims. A guy with an 87 Corvette wants to buy them. We need to know that they will fit. If they fit on my 89 will they for sure fit his 87? Is the offset the same?
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    Different throttle bodies for different years?

    Anyone know what is different about the throttle bodies? I always see that the years are listed as follows: 85 to 88 89 to 91 92 to 93 I'm looking to buy a used BBK and want to make sure it fits my 89 Vette.
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    Solder rear hatch defrost connections?

    One of my defroster connection wires has come apart. Has anyone ever attempted to resolder it to the portion at the glass?
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    What's my car worth? '82 Silver Green

    I have a rare color, Silver Green, 82 Coupe. Completely original. 21,000 miles. NCRS Top Flight designation. Condition 10 out of 10, exterior and interior. Thinking of selling so need input on what you think its worth.
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    WTB chip for 89 6 speed

    Does anyone out ther have a Hypertech (or other) prom for an 89 6 speed Vette? I was told that the chip would turn on the main fan sooner, is that true?
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    Front ball joints and poly bushings?

    I know I read an article not too long ago about a Co. that would replace the ball joints and put in poly bushings and handle all this by mail. Does anyone remember the article? What mag? What month?
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