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  1. ladams

    Paint colour suggestions for 1981 anyone?

    Hi, I am looking for some suggestions for my 1981 with a cinnibar interior. It still has the original white paint but I think I would like a change. I would love some suggestions. thanks
  2. ladams

    Question: No heat from front defrost on "81

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could tell me in very simple steps, how I can get heat to come out the top vents just for defrosting purposes. I have no need for any other functionality and do not wish to restore the entire system for anything other than defrosting. I can control the...
  3. ladams

    Question: oil pan removal

    This may be a stupid question, but why do you have to move the crank to a certain positon to drop the oil pan? And what is the position (and how do I do that);shrug;shrug?
  4. ladams

    Some good advice......lol

    I have discovered that if you are planning on replacing your exhaust, you should NOT have the car undercoated!!! What a dirty mess. I am in the process of replacing my "sort of" stock exhaust with a whole new system complete with headers that I bought from Corvette Central. It is supposed to...
  5. ladams

    Question: 1981 sensors and sending units

    Hi, Does anyone have a diagram showing the various locations of all of the sensors and sending units on a 1981? Basically if anyone can tell me which units send signals to the gauges it would help alot. I have removed my A/C and A.I.R stuff and am putting a new exhaust on the car. In the...
  6. ladams

    Help! Oops!!!!

    Well, I successfully removed the AIR pump from my '81, but in the process of removing the top AIR bracket stud, I broke it off right at the block. I wouldn't care but this double as an intake manifold bolt. Am I in trouble or what? There is another bolt within about 1 1/2" of this one and...
  7. ladams

    Question: de-cluttering engine compartment

    I have a number of questions concerning my engine. 1. I have some recent posts about replacing my exhaust manifolds and exhaust. http://www.parts123.com/parts123/yb.dll?parta~dyndetail~Z5Z5Z50000050g~Z5Z5Z5ABXYK~P609.00~~~~S2IC1B0F3417332121250d~Z5Z5Z5~Z5Z5Z50000050GWhile I do that I want to...
  8. ladams

    Question: 1981 complete exhaust

    I had a previous post in which I asked about what was involved in replacing my COMPLETE exhaust. Someone pointed out that I would need an exhaust that had the oxy sensor on it or else I would have to replace my distributer and carb. I have looked on the current exhaust and cannot find any...
  9. ladams

    Question: 1981 exhaust manifolds

    Can somebody list a specific part number from one of the more well known suppliers for some 1981 exhaust manifolds? I don't need the AIR tubes but I just want to replace the originals and put a new exhaust system on it. Nothing fancy, it is just a driver. Any other part numbers would be very...
  10. ladams

    Question: Need complete exhaust

    I need a complete exhaust including manifolds. All of the pollution stuff has been unhooked on my car but is still there. What I want to do is remove it all and get some reasonably priced headers and exhaust just to clean it up in there and remove the clutter. Will I have problems if I remove...
  11. ladams


    I've had a 1981 vette for a year and a half now and from EVERYTHING I've learned here and on other sites, there were no options for the engine. ONLY L81. I had my car appraised and I argued with the guy that my engine was not an L48. Also, I just spoke to my buddies neighbor who is the...
  12. ladams

    Question: '81 Tail light retainers

    What's the deal here? Am I just not looking for the right part or do they not sell these things anywhere? My tail lights are getting to the point where they just don't seem to be held in solidly. What do I look for?
  13. ladams

    Question: SQUEAKY '81 SPEEDO

    Hi, I have a squeaky speedo on my '81 and have ordered a new upper cable. But I have a question, is the cable the culprit of the squeak or do I have to apply lube to the actual speedo gauge? Other links really haven't been clear on this. thanks;shrug
  14. ladams

    Question: POR-15 in Ontario, Canada?

    Does anyone know where I can get some POR-15 in Canada? It doesn't seem to be to easy to get here!
  15. ladams

    Question: What problems do I look for?

    I currently have a 1981 and just discovered that the birdcage is badly rusted. I am thinking about moving to a C4 now but know basically nothing about them. Do they have any rust issues? What are some major things to look for when inspecting a C4?
  16. ladams

    Help! Keep or Unload?!?!?!

    I was just fooling around with the heating system on my '81 and in the process found that both #1 body mounts are completely rusted out at the body part. The frame still seems ok as far as I can see, and all of the other common areas seem ok, but who knows what underneath. Assuming that I...
  17. ladams

    Question: '81 Master Cylinder

    A couple of months back I replaced the MC, and all four callipers on my '81. Since then, I have not had very good pedal and twice I have lost the rear brakes because of an empty reservoir. I thought the MC was leaking out the back but have found that it is leaking around the cover gasket. My...
  18. ladams

    Question: What can I remove?

    Hi everyone, I would like to create some room and de-clutter under the hood of my driver/hobby vette and was wondering how I would go about removing some stuff without causing problems. I know that the emmisions stuff is all disconnected but I am not sure how to remove it. I would like to get...
  19. ladams

    Question: '81 Exhaust Manifolds

    Maybe a stupid question....but why can I never find exhaust manifolds for an '81 in any of the regular catalogues? (ecklers, corvette america, etc.)
  20. ladams

    Help! '81 tachometer

    I just tried to start my '81 and found the battery to be dead. But, as it died and the engine was turning over, my tach shot up to max and is stuck there. I charged the battery and started the car up but still no luck. Any ideas?
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