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  1. Whiteshadow89158

    Rebuild update

    Well I finished my cooling system rebuild for the most part. I forgot to order new tubes for the trans. Cooling lines and I apparently lost my upper support bracket cushions so those will have to wait a couple weeks. I got new hoses, water pump, fan, clutch, pulleys, radiator, reservoir...
  2. Whiteshadow89158

    Intake manifold

    Hey everyone, I bought a new intake manifold awhile back and I'm starting to buy new sensors for my car. Well I have two holes in the front of the manifold so my question is, what goes in those holes? Do I simply plug them or do sensors go there?
  3. Whiteshadow89158

    Happy new years!

    Happy new years everyone! I'm pleased to say that I've learned an invaluable amount of info and history on my c3 because of you all. Hope everyone got home safe. So what did you guys n gals end up doing this year? I decided to keep it mellow this year and spend it with my family at home.
  4. Whiteshadow89158

    Fuel injection?

    Hey everyone. I was wondering how difficult it was to install a fuel injection motor and setup out of a C5. Is it essentially just the ecm, wiring harness, and drive shaft?
  5. Whiteshadow89158

    WTB: RH T-top

    I need a passenger side t top for an 81
  6. Whiteshadow89158

    Cooling fan

    I finished the intake manifold install today so while I'm waiting for my other parts to arrive, I removed the old water pump in preparation for the new one and cleaned up the cooling fan. I pretty much just used what was laying around in the garage and it actually turned into a fun project. I...
  7. Whiteshadow89158

    Engine wiring harness

    Hey everyone, just looking for some feedback from people who have installed a new engine harness. How easy was the swap and did the harness come with the appropriate wiring for the carb and choke. Thanks for any input, White
  8. Whiteshadow89158

    Engine timing

    Hey guys, I read somewhere that the L81 motors were deadvanced at the factory for emission purposes and advancing the motor by 10 degrees would help restore some lost power. is this true? Also will I fail emissions if I do this?
  9. Whiteshadow89158

    Fuel pump

    Hey everyone, I bought a fuel pump from zip and I'm having trouble connecting the carb line. The square port is facing towards the drivers side door, it seems like it should be pointing towards the drivers side headlight in order to work. I saw on their website that they sell a 90 degree...
  10. Whiteshadow89158

    On her way

    Well my car is loaded and ready for shipment. Should be at my Cali house in 10 days :)
  11. Whiteshadow89158

    Rear-end: Done

    Well after 3 years, she's finally rolling around again :thumb
  12. Whiteshadow89158

    Deff. Yoke

    Hey guys, is the front deff. Yoke smaller than the sides? I just finished my rear end rebuild last night and went to install my drive shaft when I found out the u joint straps I used for the half shafts were a quarter inch to long. Thanks
  13. Whiteshadow89158

    Ignition switch

    Hey guys, I'm trying to replace my ignition switch and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to remove the old one. I tried checking my assembly manual but I can't find it anywhere. Any tips?
  14. Whiteshadow89158


    Does anyone know the diameter of the speedometer and tach?
  15. Whiteshadow89158


    Just a thought, has anyone tried installing a HUD system in their c3? Would this even be possible? And what's required to run a HUD?
  16. Whiteshadow89158

    Question: Rear Suspension

    Hey guys and gals, I'm flying out to Mass in two weeks to finish my rear-end rebuild and finally ship the car out here to sunny california. My question is, which parts need to be re-assembled in the air and which parts need the cars weight? I would check the assembly manual except i had that...
  17. Whiteshadow89158

    All i want for christmas is....

    Is an LS7 lol. VetteTube - Corvette Videos, Corvette Babes, Corvette Pics, Corvette Burnouts, Corvette Mods Whats on your christmas wish list?
  18. Whiteshadow89158

    Question: Alarm wiring

    Just wondering, if an original alarm system wasn't hooked up or if there's a short somewhere in the wiring, will it prevent the car from starting? or is that too advance for these cars?
  19. Whiteshadow89158


    Hey everyone, can you run an E4ME without the computer?
  20. Whiteshadow89158

    Hey Guys and Gals!

    Hey everyone, its been over a year since ive been on here so i'd like to cordially say howdy and how i missed you all ever so much and all your wealth of knowledge :beer, cheers. Well I'll get to my first question already haha. The P.O. had a basic fuel setup with a Holly carb and i'm trying the...
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