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  1. wolflt1

    WTB '70 Gas Door

    I looking for a 1970 Gas/Fuel door. Any help is much appreciated.
  2. wolflt1

    Headlight washer

    Did the 1970 have headlight washer system?
  3. wolflt1

    Mirror Driver's Side

    Hi every one, I've been checking different parts for date codes. At the moment I'm at the driver's side mirror. I have a date code 11DCA R-4. What would this correspond to? I've also seen date codes xx DMI xx for outside mirrors. Regards, Wolf 1970 LT-1
  4. wolflt1

    Radiator Cap

    What is the correct (original) radiator cap for the LT-1 radiator? I recently noticed that mine has some aftermarket non-original cap installed. Regards, Wolf 1970 LT-1
  5. wolflt1


    Hi everyone, My '70 car lost its TI ignition sometime in its 34 year life. I intend to bring back the ignition system to its original state. I already have the amp, coil and wiring and now need the distributor with a correct build date. How many of you still have a functionning TI system...
  6. wolflt1


    Hi everyone, Did the LT-1 come with a special suspension package? If it did, what are the spring rates? What about the swaybars? Thanks Wolf
  7. wolflt1

    Production date

    Would someone know the approximate production date-month and day-of a 1970 LT-1 VIN ........10406? Best Wolf
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