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    Installl booster / power brake in a 69, 427

    Hi I need some advise before i install power brake ( booster ) in my 1969 427 cab. I have a new booster width a push rod on, followed width a casket, (a little rod ? what is that for) and 2 brake lines and a new master sylinder. Do I have to make 4 new holes in the firewall ? -and make the hole...
  2. TOR

    Suspension on a C3

    Hai. J have a 1996 mod. 427 convertible. It runs nice and it is in god condition, but I wont to uppgrade the suspension system . I will use the car for ordininare cruising on the bad Norwegian roads. I am lokking at VBP´s Performase Plus Suspensione Kit. But there is a lot of kits, and I need...
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