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    WTB 90-96 Information Ceter Cover Plate

    WTB Acrylic Information Center Cover Plate for 1990 to 1996. Looking for one that has C4 Emblem and Corvette Letting in white.
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    Question: 1993 with 700R4

    I drove my 93 automatic with a 700R4 last night. I noticed that on the Interstate that when it tried to downshift from Overdrive to drive to accelerate I felt the car shudder almost like a lugging in the transmission. I know the 700R4 has issues at 45MPH trying to decide what gear to be in, but...
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    Tell me what I did wrong

    I have a 93 convertible and I can not get the interior lights to come on when the doors are opened. I have had the car for a month now and the second day I had it I turned the autolock key fob off it was getting on my nervers locking and blowing the horn, but since then I have notice that the...
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    Just Got mine

    I just got my 93 ruby red convertible and need some advice, I got the car last weekend it has just under 29,000 miles on her and is in great shape. I drove home about 250 miles and it never missed a beat all the way. I did a stupid thing and I got the motor wet on Saturday... It would not run...
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