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  1. JonM

    Battery Comparison Question

    Can someone explain this to me?...Optima has a yellow top battery for about 150 dollars. In there advertisements they claim the battery lasts 2 ½ times longer then other batteries. They also only warrantee, with full replacement, for only 12 months and not prorated after that. Now, Sears has a...
  2. JonM

    Recall...Roofs Flying Off

  3. JonM

    Took The Corvette in for Emissions Testing Today

    Everything passed with flying colors except for the gas cap...and you know something???...he just happened to have one to fit my car for only 11 dollars...who-da-thunk...:crazy ...btw...the cap that was on there was only a couple years old. :W
  4. JonM

    Bleeding ABS Braking System

    Is their anything different I should know when bleeding an ABS equipped vehicle, as opposed to normal brakes? ...I will be doing the tag team method...where a partner is pumping the brakes...
  5. JonM

    Painting an Oil Pan...

    Any tips?...do I need High Temp Primer and Paint?
  6. JonM

    Corvette Computer...(in a box)

    Corvette Computer What else can we waste our money on?...:L
  7. JonM

    ZO6 Test Drive (Video)

    I found this posted on another site ZO6 LINK
  8. JonM

    Another Wiring Site

    I haven't seen it before, so maybe someone else hasn't either. :upthumbs http://www.Autorewire.com phone 209-481-6496 in CA
  9. JonM

    Someone Needed an Idea for Storing the Mower

    I can't remember who it was, but it was recently. I found this for an idea to store the riding lawn mower on the ceiling. LOFT-IT
  10. JonM

    Paint Tech Paper

    I found this on my computer from years ago. I thought I would share it. PDF TECH PAPER
  11. JonM

    Officially: My Car is Now a Senior Citizen

    :eyerole ....
  12. JonM

    Is this ROAD RAGE at its ultimate?

    This nut Robbie Gordon stanting out on the track with cars zooming by him throws his helmet at Waltrip at Sat. Nascar Sylvania 300. :L
  13. JonM

    1967 for $140,100.00 ...Reserve NOT met

    Astronaut Gus Grissom’s 427 435 hp1967 Corvette EBAY Link
  14. JonM

    Past Posting...Nothing to do with the horse track

    I would like to thank the people who had the same problem I had and helped. My high side AC blower decided not to work today. Of course today was the hottest day of the year so what else would I expect. Anyway, I did a little investigation and thought it may be the high side relay. I switched it...
  15. JonM

    Can you find the Yellow Z06?

    In last nights Home Run Derby? YELLOW Here is a hint....:L
  16. JonM

    Carpet Stain..This stuff is MAGIC

    I had a greese stain on my carpet...I tried almost everything to get it out...I went to the store and saw this stuff...sprayed it on...rubbed it around for a few seconds...stain was gone...like magic before my eyes.
  17. JonM

    84s Worth 13K in East Haven CT

    My town sent me a property tax bill for my car today...:ugh ...They say its worth 12,530.00... :W send all your Corvettes to East Haven Ct we'll make a killin :booty <---ME :dance <---The Town....we'll talk...I want a kiss with my lovin
  18. JonM

    Intermittent Code 24

    I drive it for a while and everything is fine. The OD shifts the way it is suppose to, and I am happy as a clam. Then all of a sudden I get a check engine light with a Code 24 set. (Vehicle Speed Sensor) and it will not shift into OD. I have installed a brand new speed sensor last week, (the...
  19. JonM

    I'm in LOVE

    ...I love driving that thing....If it could do me...I'd never want for anything else. Thats it....move on...:L
  20. JonM

    Something for the OBD2 people

    I saw this at AutoZone this morning...Never seen it before...I suspect its like the black box newer cars have. LINK
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