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  1. hub_cap

    Help! 2003 hard steering

    59th AE has started being hard to steer, fluid is at half full mark, no sign of leaking.
  2. hub_cap

    F/S Corvette Goodyear Run Flat (EMT) Tires

    4 Goodyear Run Flat tires (Eagle F1 GS EMT) from '03 Corvette Convertible, more than 8/32nd tread remaining at lowest points (New tires have 11/32nd), 2 front 245/45ZR-17, 2 rear 275/40ZR-18, fronts retail for $307 each, rears retail for $375 each. No cuts, patches, bruises, these were takeoffs...
  3. hub_cap

    Comparison of Fuel System Cleaners?

    Has anyone seen or made a comparison of the various fuel system cleaners? I went to Auto Zone to get some "Techron Concentrate Plus", but saw numerous products, Prestone, Lucas Oil, RedLine, etc. They can't all be the best, then there is Amsoil, and many more.:confused
  4. hub_cap

    C5/C6 Octane Usage?

    There have been discussions as to which fuel to use in C5 and C6 engines. The manual recommends premium (93 octane) fuel. I have tried a tank of 87 octane in my Z06, but now use 93 exclusively regardless of cost difference (brand doesn't matter, except no Citgo in my vehicles). Several people...
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