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    steering parts

    I have parts left over from the 69 donor used for the project. If anyones interested there is: Power steering set-up parts, $350 Upper control arms, $50 Steering box, $60 plus shipping open to offers
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    63 disc brake conversion

    I'm being told that if I change out the rear drums to disc brakes the rear parking brake cables need to be changed. Why won't the 63 cables work? Is it the connection at the parking brake? Do most people change to the 65/66 cable system? Is it possible to change to the 67 style? Any help would...
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    suspension upgrade

    I'm getting ready to tear down the '63, to rebuild the suspension. It seems that there are no limits to possibilities these days. From the VBP kits to the 4 corner coilover kit from Van Steel to the upgraded frame with C4 stuff. I'd like to know who has done what. How did it work out. Value for...
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    Tail light housings

    Can someone help me identify two tail light housings? The numbers on them are: 5952095 (lh) 5952096 (rh) Thanks guys.:)
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    Power steering box

    Does anyone have a power steering box (like those sold by corvettesteering.com) on there c-2?
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    Roll bar in a roadster

    I'm looking for information about a roll bar for a mid year roadster. Does anyone have one in their car? Does it require removal of the ragtop? Thanks :)
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