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  1. DogAlpha

    Warning! Headlights Other Problem.

    Hello, I wish to thank all the posters of this forum for all your help. I get a lot from this site and thought I would post an issue I found with my my 1993. Fisrt I purchased the "Nylon Cylinders" to correct the LAZY HEADLIGHT on my passenger side. After following instructions and help...
  2. DogAlpha

    What is it for? Brakes!

    Changed my front pads today and ABS dash lights went away... YEAH!!!! A quick question? What is the whole at the top of the calipers for? It has a rubber hood on it? oil? Doesn't look like a grease fitting? What is it for?
  3. DogAlpha

    Help! Vacum Line Help?

    Replaced my wires today. Driver side was a blast. Still drinking beer 3 hours later. While reinstalling some parts I found a connection for a vacuum line but can not find the tube:mad There is a unit under the ASR with 2 lines. One on top(L shaped) and one on fender side. Could some one...
  4. DogAlpha

    Question: PVC Valve Location '93

    PVC Valve Location '93? Can't find it and I don't own a shop manual. Looked on valve covers(logical?) but not there?:duh
  5. DogAlpha

    Question: SLP Air Intake

    I put a SLP 3 tube claw air intake on my '93. Any one have this intake. It is my 1st mod and I am a little concerned about driving if there is a heavy rain. Also I can hear the air being sucked into the intake and exhaust seems louder for some reason, but I really don't know of any power...
  6. DogAlpha

    Hi all! LT1 C4, Pennsylvania

    Hi, I cam across CAC while trying to find repair answers for my '93 optispark issue and decided to join. I found lots of answers. Anyway I've had my C4 for a year. Bought used with 102000 miles. First year just replaced the battery. This year I already have over $2000 in her but still...
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