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    Car #90 on ebay

    To those bidding on this car. Make sure you check it out real good. Car was hit hard on passenger side door jamb. Not repaired correctly. Passenger side front tire sticks out of wheel well about an inch when the wheels are straight. Accident was in early-mid 1990's before carfax and not reported.
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    Fuel injection cleaning

    A few years ago i bought a cleaning kit that connected to the fuel rail and had a can of cleaner that the car ran off of to clean the injectors. Does anyone know where to get this kit as i have not seen it in a few years.
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    Just got turbo back from Evergreen

    Turns out the bearing was not bad and Charlie fixed the slightly bent shaft. New seals and she is good to go. I was hoping to use my turbo for the test fitment of the new bearings that some members are working on. I hope to have it in the car by next week.
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    Selling my '88 twin turbo convertable

    The time has come to sell this car. I have not been able to locate turbo parts for this car. The car does not run. The turbo is off and all parts are there. Does not have the Dymags it has stock '89 rims. Make a reasonable offer. 51k miles on car. Call me to talk at (917)771-3767 . email is...
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    '92 ZR1 for 10k?

    I came across a '92 Burg. ZR1 for just under 10k. Not sure of miles yet but its a 6 speed and appears to be a zr1 although I have not seen it in person yet. The owner says it runs great but is idling high(1800 rpm's) and the leather seat(drivers) needs help also it has a few paint issues. He...
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    Owners/Repair Manual for CTTC?

    Is there a manual for the twin turbos?
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