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  1. SG Lou

    Mr Sam aka dadaroo passed suddenly yesterday

  2. SG Lou

    Mr. Sam (Dadaroo) Passed Suddenly Yesterday !

    :cry As reported by David Shiel from the C5 Section of the Corvette Forum: " It is with a very great sense of personal loss that I share this sad news with all of his friends here on the forum. I just spoke with Sam's wife, Debbie. According to her, he died suddenly of a massive coronary while...
  3. SG Lou

    AC Delco 41-110 Iridium plugs replaced with another for our C5's ?

    Whats the story on this ? I was under the impression that the plug was a Iridium 41-110 but I came across this Bulletin, Subject: ACDelco Spark Plugs 41-110 and 41-962 - Application Update...
  4. SG Lou

    Had a C5 for a year now…My Impressions

    This past Dec 6th was one year since I purchased a one owner 04 Torch Red Coupe with 53k on the clock. I have owned 2 C3’s, 3 C4’s and by far the C5 is the best. Granted my car needed a few “Personnel Touches” to get it where I want it but it wasn’t anything major. Everything that needed to...
  5. SG Lou

    Picture Day for my 04 !

    New Wheels on........All Cleaned Up ! Next on the "To Do List" : New Rubber, "Slam" it a wee bit, and then a 4 Wheel Alignment !
  6. SG Lou

    Solar Battery Charger / Tender ?

    Has anyone used one or have one? Do they even make a Solar tender? Reason I ask is, i'm not one of the privileged individuals who has a garage to store his ride. I'm in a driveway thats a distance from an electrical outlet. Could I use a Solar powered Tender to maintain the battery ?
  7. SG Lou

    WANTED / C5 Tail Light Mounting Screws

    I had those tail light louvers on my ride and removed them. The screws that held them on were nothing more then #8 Chromed Wood Screws. I had a friend give me 5 OEM tail light screws so i needed to order 3 more. The ones given to me were Torx head screws. I ordered 3 screws, Pn# 20374961 which...
  8. SG Lou

    New Battery or did I screw up ?

    Ok, so my OEM battery went dead this past Sunday in my 04 Coupe and I purchased a Exide Platinum Series 86-8. It has 630 CCA @ 0 degrees, 785 CCA @ 32 degrees and a 90 RC So now I'm finding out that 90 RC isn't enough and I should have gone with AC-Delco 86-7YR. which has a 120 RC Is that...
  9. SG Lou

    C5 Paint, BC/CC ?

    This goes out to all of the Body Shop / Paint guys out there. I think it's safe to say that the paint on my 04 is a Base Coat / Clear Coat simular to DuPont ChromaColor BC/CC ? Reason I ask is, I removed the BSM's on my coupe. Passenger side looks perfect, Driver side not so good. Seems that...
  10. SG Lou

    Radio "LOC" Feature...

    Hey Guys, How can I find out if the previous owner enabled to LOC feature on the Bose Unit? ( 04 Coupe ) While reading the OM last night in work at my desk and was wondering if that feature was ever enabled? I was going to attempt to go through the process as discribed in the manual but...
  11. SG Lou

    C5 Key Fob / Memory Issue

    First of all I'll like to say Hello, my name is Lou and here is my Introduction post: http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/new-member-introductions/125055-yet-another-new-guy-new-year.html#post1054930 Ok, On to my slight problem on my recently accquired 2004 C5 Coupe. I went...
  12. SG Lou

    and yet another new guy for the new year

    Hello Guys and Gals and HAPPY NEW YEAR ! My name is Lou, I’m 51 yrs old and live in Central New Jersey. For 7 yrs I lived without the pleasure of owning and driving a Vette. I have owned in the past an 80 Red Coupe, , 87 Black Coupe, and the last one was a 91 Red on Red Coupe which I sold in...
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